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Siemens S7 for Krones Machines – Advanced Course

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You want to delve into Siemens S7? This course is the ideal opportunity: You will learn programming from scratch and you will be familiarised with the advanced functions of the software. Illustrative examples and targeted exercises ensure that you will be able to confidently implement in practice what you have learned in the course.

Target group

Electrical maintenance staff, automation engineers

Suitable for the following machine types

Siemens Step 7, V5.4 (you can purchase the software together with our Krones automation notebook.)


Participation in the "Siemens S7 for Krones Machines – Basic Course (A 08)" or corresponding prior knowledge.Your laptop should be equipped with the Simatic Manager. If not, we will be happy to support you with the installation.


  • Configuration:
    • Hardware and peripheral components of a Krones machine
    • Subnet Profibus configuration, Profibus components
    • Subnet Ethernet configuration (TCP/IP protocol)
    • AS-i gateway with example B&W, Siemens CP343-2
  • Network technology (Ethernet, DP/DP coupler)
  • Batteries/index function
  • Communication with HMI and sub-systems
  • Data back-up
  • Diagnosis
  • Indirect addressing, pointers and address register

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Siemens S7 for Krones Machines –
Advanced Course
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