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As a special option supplementing a standard confirmation of participation, Krones offers an opportunity to obtain a Krones certificate (within the framework of our own certification under ISO 9001 - 2000) for the “Krones Automation Engineer” course, which cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of the remits involved. At the end, the qualification is confirmed by appropriate performance documentation: after passing their test, the participants are awarded the Krones certificate, which is valid for a period of two years. Krones thus guarantees that the certificate-holder’s qualification reflects the ongoing state of the art. After the two years, of course, the participant concerned can again have his/her performance capabilities verified. There is no need to attend every course again: depending on the state of knowledge involved, individual modules can be retaken, or the certificate simply updated.


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Training program 2014

Here you will find the seminar programme 2014 for Germany, the USA and United Kingdom and Ireland.

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