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Linatronic M2 Series – Basic Course

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Working with foresight produces better results than just reacting to malfunctions. Therefore, this course covers more than just the avoidance of downtimes. You also learn how to save unnecessary material costs for bulk glass: With the right machine settings, you reduce the reject rate while achieving a continually high quality standard. Practical exercises on the Linatronic training machine give you the opportunity to test and deepen the knowledge acquired in practice.

Target group

Electricians, electronic engineers, electro-mechanical engineers

Suitable for the following machine types

Linatronic 735 M2 and 712 M2


Basic knowledge of the electrical components


  • Design and function
  • Overview of the electrical and electronic components
  • Hardware diagram
  • Bus systems
  • Operation
  • Change-over
  • Inspection units
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data back-up
  • Creating new users

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Linatronic M2 Series
Basic Course
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Training program 2015

Here you will find the seminar programme 2015 for Germany, the USA and United Kingdom and Ireland.

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