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Krones magazine

Storage tanks (f)lying down

In the course of its history, Augustiner-Bräu has weathered a lot of expansions... Read more ›

A billion litres of fresh milk

Arla Foods UK is a major dairy company and is a subsidiary of the European Arla Foods Group... Read more ›

Cacaolat has been saved!

“Salvem el Cacaolat!” The Catalan government’s urgent call for help “Let’s save Cacaolat!” ... Read more ›

Storage tanks (f)lying down

A billion litres of fresh milk

Cacaolat has been saved!

Kloud: a third major player

Using top-notch German brewing technology

Volcanic water

The state-owned mineral water producer Jeju on the eponymous island off the Korean coast owns South Korea’s most successful brand of water: Jeju Samdasoo, the market leader almost from the very beginning.

Doubled dynamics

The Petrópolis Group builds two new breweries in Brazil, with a capacity of twelve million hectolitres

Tyrol’s earliest brewery, latest state of the art

The brewing rights for the Zillertal Bier GmbH company were bestowed back in 1500. Since mid-2013, it has been making its beer in Zell am Ziller, Austria, exclusively in its newly built brewhouse from Steinecker.

Turning off the oil

No more invoices for heating oil.

Energy in cans

Two entrepreneurs who have been successfully selling contract-filled energy drinks and other “smart beverages”, especially abroad, have purchased the Überkinger company, one of Germany’s most tradition-steeped mineral water bottlers.

Transformed over the weekend

With production still ongoing, Norway’s biggest dairy company TINE changed its palletising operation at TINE Meieriet Oslo for products from six filling lines over to a new palletising centre – without a single hitch.

No compromises

The Schussenrieder Brewery is modernising its brewing facility in the spa of Bad Schussenried step by step.

Franconia frankly beats France

8,000 bottles an hour on a mere 240 square metres.

Drastic makeover

A few years ago, Åbro Bryggeri achieved a stunning turnaround by drastically revamping both its product range and distribution channels, and introducing new forms of packaging. This got the company back on course for becoming a flourishing model brewery.

Brewing for enjoyment

A spectacular location, a great idea, and brilliant beer. Little Creatures, headquartered in Fremantle, has since the turn of the century been driving forward the craft beer movement in Australia.

A pride of lions

Compared to this project, building a new brewery on a greenfield site would appear to be a almost a simple matter. But “The Pride” multi-beverage plant of New Zealand’s Lion food and beverage conglomerate was unlike any other project in many respects.

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