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Krones magazine

Turning off the oil

No more invoices for heating oil. ... Read more ›

Energy in cans

IQ 4 You installs new canning line in Bad Ueberkingen... Read more ›

Transformed over the weekend

The new palletising centre from Krones handles the products from a total of six filling lines.... Read more ›

Turning off the oil

Energy in cans

Transformed over the weekend

No compromises

The Schussenrieder Brewery is modernising its brewing facility in the spa of Bad Schussenried step by step.

Franconia frankly beats France

8,000 bottles an hour on a mere 240 square metres.

Drastic makeover

A few years ago, Åbro Bryggeri achieved a stunning turnaround by drastically revamping both its product range and distribution channels, and introducing new forms of packaging. This got the company back on course for becoming a flourishing model brewery.

Brewing for enjoyment

A spectacular location, a great idea, and brilliant beer. Little Creatures, headquartered in Fremantle, has since the turn of the century been driving forward the craft beer movement in Australia.

A pride of lions

Compared to this project, building a new brewery on a greenfield site would appear to be a almost a simple matter. But “The Pride” multi-beverage plant of New Zealand’s Lion food and beverage conglomerate was unlike any other project in many respects.

Nature in jars

Unremarkable Stans in the midst of the Tyrolean mountains is home to an exquisite line of products: in this 2,000-soul community, the A. Darbo AG company conjures up jams, jellies and other fruity delights.

Turnkey coffee line

At six facilities in Europe and Australia so far, Nestlé has carried out a product relaunch for its Nescafé Gold instant coffee, which under the project name of “Ergos” was given a new shape of jar and sophisticated dress.

Fruit juice from a dairy

Following the Gropper Dairy’s more-than-satisfactory results during the past seven years with its PET-Asept line from Krones, the privately owned company from Bissingen in Bavaria has now commissioned a similar line.

Herbal bitters on tour

The fastest PET bottling line for liquor that Krones has ever installed is up and running - in the West African nation of Ghana. The privately owned enterprise Kasapreko commissioned it in December 2012.

New returnable-glass line

For many decades now, Nigerian Breweries Plc. (NB) has been the undisputed top dog in Nigeria’s beer market. Founded in the 1940’s as a joint venture involving Heineken, the group is progressing its vigorous expansion.

“Hero” is the new hero

SABMiller is still going strong in Africa. It was in 2008 when the brewing conglomerate gained its first foothold in Nigeria, the continent’s second-biggest beer market.

A story that spans generations

It’s one of those corporate histories that would make a good Hollywood film.

Sparkling dolce vita from Italy

The classic Italian brand of S.Pellegrino epitomises the Italians’ zest for hedonistic optimisation, and like few other waters worldwide is the embodiment of hedonistically sophisticated drinking.

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