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PDF Download, 1,06 MB 1,06 MB KRONES Contiform Bloc Combination of stretch blow-moulding and filling

Monobloc concept for producing and filling PET bottles

Stretch blow moulder and filler in an effective team. And that is the reason why we have perfected the popular combination of both machines even further in a single block in the form of the Contiform Bloc. With a seamless drive concept, finely tuned transfer interfaces for every production program and precisely operating processes in stop situations, you can count on getting the very most out of your PET bottle line.

Compact, economical and flexible – that is the Contiform Bloc for all applications. Because it is able, of course, to process every type of product supplied in non-returnable PET containers available on the market and also enables everything from aseptic filling processes to hot and cold bottling as required for the processing of liquid products in PET bottles. What is clear is that when it comes to container design and volume, you have absolute freedom because the Contiform Bloc really demonstrates its strengths in flexible production processes. And your staff can therefore make the most of their potential, as the compact line allows great freedom for efficient planning.

Your advantagesOpenClose

  • Efficient and profitable

    The quick change-over whenever the bottles or products are changed and the effective strategy for disengaging individual block elements in stop situations enables you to achieve maximum performance for your entire production program.

  • Compact layout

    Combined machine concepts save space. The Contiform Bloc offers all the functions without buffer and conveyor sections and is therefore the ideal solution for many confined spaces.

  • Convenient for the operator

    The Contiform Bloc offers a good overview, short paths and a standardised operating concept. It also requires little work for changeovers and has an optimised maintenance program thanks to the use of servo technology.

  • High standard of hygiene

    Having only a few interfaces and conveyor sections are key factors in achieving a high degree of cleanliness for the bottle material. The direct transfer of the bottles from the stretch blow moulder to the filler and capper prevents dirt being brought in.

  • Gentle on the bottle

    Neck handling is the optimum solution for PET bottles. And a low number of transfer stations. Combine these features in the Contiform Bloc and top bottle quality is assured.

Figures, data, factsOpenClose

Method of operation

The Contiform Bloc combines the Contiform stretch blow moulder in direct modular design with the Modulfill filler – including capper. The individual machines can be disengaged from one another quickly in stop situations with the help of the central controller and the servo drive concept. This cuts out long start-up phases when restarting. Integrated inspection and rejection units ensure that the production flow is always monitored immediately at critical points.


  • Production of non-returnable PET containers with volumes of up to 3 litres
  • Filling concepts for water, soft drinks, milk and mixed milk drinks, fruit juices, teas, cooking oil, beer, wine and ketchup
  • Aseptic production processes (H2O2, PAA), hot and cold filling processes
  • Processing of round and lightweight bottles
  • 8,000 to 81,000 containers per hour

Version variants

  • Contiform Bloc BF Stretch blow moulder and filler/ capper
  • Contiform Bloc BL Stretch blow moulder and labeller
  • Contiform Bloc BFL Stretch blow moulder, filler and labeller Figures, data, facts
  • ErgoBloc L wet section block Blow moulder, labeller and filler with advance labelling of the freshly blown PET bottles before filling
Figures, data, facts

Block components Contiform 3 stretch blow moulderOpenClose

Block components
Preform transfer to the blowing station
Contiform 3 stretch blow moulder
  • High performance with the new blowing station
    With a station output of 2,250 containers per hour, a highly efficient stretch blow moulder is integrated in the block concept.
  • Low compressed air consumption
    Thanks to the electromagnetic stretching system, further minimisation of the dead space volume and the new “Air Wizard Plus” compressed air recycling system, compressed air consumption is reduced to a very low level.
  • Energy-efficient machine concept
    Further improvements to the infrared oven result in significantly reduced energy consumption.
Streckblasmaschine Contiform

Block components Modulfill fillerOpenClose

Capcade cap feed
Capcade cap feed
Modulfill filler
  • Use of all Krones PET Modulfill systems for custom-tailored concept development for each application
  • Integration of all standard PET capper solutions in the Modulfill
  • Cap infeed by Krones Capcade
  • Use of a Krones cap inspector to ensure that the Contiform Bloc continues operating even in the event of faulty caps
  • Hygienic design with reduced surfaces in seamless self-draining design
  • Precision drive technology with systematic use of servo drives without mechanical drive components
  • Optimum accessibility to the machine with maximum user-friendliness and simplified manual cleaning.
  • Filler valves and valve surroundings designed to be gentle on the product
  • Lifting unit for the PET bottles in the neck handling system with no lift cylinders
Connected directly - the Modulfill filler

Connected directly - the Modulfill filler

Block components – Design features, bottle guidesOpenClose

Controlled and reliable transfer of preforms and containers
Controlled and reliable transfer of preforms and containers
Design features
  • Controlled block conditions
    A partition between the stretch blow moulder and the filler prevents any impairments to machine workflows from media or air.
  • Transfer of hygienic bottles
    Since the bottles are transferred directly to the filler, they can be processed immediately after the stretch blowing process without any risk of recontamination from the surroundings.
  • Sterile filtered blowing air
    The stretch blow moulder can have sterile filters fitted in the compressed air supply as an option. The blowing air will then be absolutely clean in hygienic terms.
Block components
Bottle guides
  • Short paths for the bottles
    After the stretch blowing process the bottles are transferred directly to the enclosed transfer starwheels of the filler – with only short conveyor sections.
  • Controlled bottle guides
    The continuous guidance of the containers is monitored throughout on the neck ring. This eliminates scuffing and other types of damage.
  • Quick format changes
    With the seamless transfer concept for containers on multifunctional clamping starwheels and the controlled clamps, no adjustment work is required on the guide units when the format is changed.

Drive conceptOpenClose

Drive concept
  • High-performance servo drive technology
    The servo motors throughout the entire block offer ultra-precise synchronous operation without play at all times, resulting in operating characteristics of absolute precision across the full range of speeds.
  • Stand-alone mode or block mode
    Servo joint control (SJC) permits individual machines to be disengaged electronically in the event of a malfunction and the line components to be emptied in a controlled manner followed by standby operation.
  • Quick resumption of normal operation
    The facility for engaging the machine even at full speed means that with production stoppages being no more than a matter of seconds there is practically no loss of efficiency.
SJC drive technology in practice
  • The machines can be run either as single machines or in block mode. The operator selects the mode of operation.
  • This allows test operation of the blow moulder, cleaning processes for the filler or even jog mode for the labeller, for example.
  • During production the machine runs in block mode. If a malfunction occurs, the system disengages automatically. The operator can rectify the malfunction and the system synchronises itself after it has been acknowledged and resumes production.
  • The filler and labeller can therefore be emptied unhindered if there is a quick stop in the blow moulder. What is more, the blow moulder continues to be ready for production in the event of a production stoppage in the filler – the infeed of the preforms will stop and the oven will be emptied.
Bottle transfer with Monotec starwheel columns
Bottle transfer with Monotec starwheel columns 

Line componentsOpenClose

Inspection of the PET bottles with PET-View
Inspection of the PET bottles with PET-View 
Inspection and monitoring technology
  • High efficiency in the production workflow
    Precise monitoring devices specifically modified for the machine concept enable faulty preforms, bottles, caps or labelled bottles to be rejected.
  • Integration the control panel
    The display for a possible overload of the drive system and the controlled disengaging of block machines ensure that safe and reliable operation within system limits is maintained.
  • Overview of operational processes
    The integrated operating and visualisation concept with Krones iPanel provides the operator with a quick overview of all line components.
  • Information – right on the spot
    Logically arranged iPanels on the Contiform Bloc provide the basis for the block to be efficiently operated by just one operator.

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KRONES Contiform Bloc

Combination of stretch blow-moulding and filling

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