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PDF Download, 0,50 MB 0,50 MB Krones Cantronic Quality control for beverage cans

High production output with comprehensive can inspection

It is easy to lose track if every second 33 cans pass by rapidly. Not with Cantronic, because this can inspector detects even smallest contaminations at this speed. The cans and the machine just profit alike from this speed: The cans, because they reach the point of sale at best quality, the machine, because malfunctions caused by faulty cans are excluded.
You can rely on the product quality and line efficiency always being at an optimum state. Because trust is good, control is better, the Cantronic constantly monitors itself.

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Precise quality control

    The high-resolution basic camera detects even smallest contaminations and irregularities. With the patented auxiliary camera you can even detect creases and dirt in the neck area which are very hard to find.

  • High line efficiency

    Damaged or deformed cans are significant safety risks for the bottling line which can lead to machine standstills and machine damages. Cantronic sorts out all “risky” cans thus increasing the overall line efficiency by approximately 5 %.

  • High degree of operational

    The Cantronic rejects fallen-over containers automatically and monitors itself continuously. Thus malfunctions can be prevented right from the start.

  • Protected access

    Transponders protect the device from undesired access.

  • Uniform operating concept

    All Krones machines are equipped with a uniform operating concept for maximum user friendliness.

  • Remote diagnostics and remote service

    The remote service provides specialist consultancy and service around the clock. If required, a Krones technician can access your inspector via a secured data line. This way, parameter settings, software updates and malfunction analyses can be performed cost-efficiently and quickly.

Figures, data, facts - Method of operationOpenClose

Method of operation

 The can interior – base, wall and flange – are inspected by a highresolution CCD camera. An optional special camera allows for the detection of wrinkles and dirt in the neck area of 202-type cans. The sensitivity of the inspection unit can be variably adjusted to any can type. Faulty containers are rejected immediately and conveyed to a collecting bin via pusher.


Can inspection

Output range

Nominal speed: Up to 120,000 cans per hour

  1. Touch-screen with housing for electronic analysis unit
  2. Inspection module with camera
  1. Test can recognition (option)
  2. Directpush
  1. Rejection monitoring system (option)
  2. Encoder

Detection optionsOpenClose

Detection possibilities

Cantronic‘s basic equipment also includes a high-resolution camera which detects most versatile quality faults at the flange, at the inner sides, and at the base of cans. The Cantronic can also be equipped with an additional camera for inspecting the 202-type cans. Altogether, this system can detect the following:

  • Ovality
  • Damage
  • Dirt
  • Colour faults
  • Incomplete flanges
Inner sidewall and base
  • Dirt
  • Foreign objects
  • Dents, creases in the cylindrical area
Neck area
  • Vertical creases
  • Contamination at inner can wall

Lighting unit


Contamination on the base (3 mm)


Dented flange

Design featuresOpenClose

Design features
  • Compact design
  • Installed ahead of the rinser at the conveyor
  • With the DART technology (Distributed Architecture for Real Time), data are processed to real time
  • Inspection system with camera
  • Maintenance-free LED illumination
  • Automatic rejection of cans that have fallen over
  • Electronical function monitoring of the P.E. sensors, the inspection units, and the lighting units, as well as the rejection system
  • Interface to the production data acquisition system and to the line management system
  • Data transfer vie Weihenstephaner protocol
Additional equipment
  • Connection to a network and therefore to remote visualisation of the inspector's operating conditions
  • Special camera for the neck area inspection of 202-type cans
  • Operation viy 15 inch touchscreen
  • Display possible in numerous languages
  • protected access to the user interface through individual transponders
  • Display and storage of all relevant operating data
  • Parameter setting and remote maintenance possible via remote service


Kameraeinheit und Kühlgerät

Camera unit and air conditioner

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Krones Cantronic

Quality control for beverage cans

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