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PDF Download, 0,90 MB 0,90 MB Krones SynCo Transport system for glass and PET bottles

Individualised routing with buffering capacity

Modern high-speed lines for glass or PET containers also require smart system components in their intermediate sections – and the solution comes in the form of the Krones SynCo. This container conveyor distributes, combines and buffers containers using the highest level of technology – and, in doing so, makes an essential contribution to achieving high line efficiency. The knowledge gathered from more than 30 years of experience in container conveying is directly applied to the planning of your system. The result is that you receive an individually tailored conveyor system which requires a minimum of space while providing maximum performance.



Acting as master systems, the conveyors connect the individual machines of a filling or packing plant. They ensure smooth production sequences whereby the individual components of the system interact in harmony and with efficiency.


System componentsOpenClose



  • Gentle and reliable container conveyance thanks to the lateral belt guide 
  • Pressureless distribution of round and angular PET containers 
  • Low space requirement


  • Large buffer on a short conveyor section 
  • Ideal for confined spaces or large buffer time requirements 
  • Buffers created with the standard multi-lane conveyor 
  • The conveyor is easily accessible


  • Dynamic pressureless buffer system
  • For full PET bottles with petaloid or champagne bases 
  • Output: up to 24,000 cph 
  • The containers are fed into and discharged from the buffer using a dynamically controlled return carriage 
  • Modular extension possibility 
  • Maximum table length = 20 m 
  • Maximum buffer length = 107 m 
  • Safe system, no additional guarding necessary 


  • Dynamic buffer system
  • Suitable for cylindrical, rectangular, oval and conical containers
  • Output: up to 90,000 cph 
  • The containers are fed into and discharged from the buffer using a dynamically controlled return carriage
  • Can be extended using 2 or 3-metre modules up to a maximum table length of 20 metres 

Ecological container conveyanceOpenClose


Designed for the future and powerful: permanent magnet motors

If only permanent magnet motors are used, the legal requirements can be easily met. The greatest advantage of the permanent magnet motor is its extremely high efficiency rate of 90 percent and the resulting low power consumption. In contrast, asynchronous motors can only reach an efficiency of 65 to 70 percent and as a result consume considerably more power. Permanent magnet drives also meet all hygiene requirements: The housings are designed so that neither fans nor cooling fins are needed. There are virtually no more so-called “dirt traps” and dust swirling or dirt trailing because of the fan is ruled out. The investment costs for permanent magnet drives are no higher than those for conventional drive engineering, but the higher efficiency and the reduced power consumption can make a significant difference right from the first hour of operation!


Conveyor lubrication system

The conveyor lubrication system has a definitive influence on the function of the container conveyor. It reduces the friction both between the container and the chain, and between the chain and the wear strips. This brings with it a range of benefits:

  • Longer component service life
  • Lower energy consumption of the drive motors
  • Higher conveyor efficiency and availability

Fresh-water savings

It is possible to use dry and semidry conveyor lubricants for most container-chain combinations. The characteristics of the lubricants allow for a considerable reduction in the fresh-water requirement.

Intelligent control, conveyors that practically think for themselvesOpenClose

One special feature of SynCo conveyors is its sophisticated control concept. It is individually tailor-made to suit your line, your products and the local conditions. A fixed component of the concept comes in the form of sensors which continually measure the conveyors‘ efficiency and buffer capacity. The calculated values are used to regulate both the speed of the individual conveyors and the output of the machines.


Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Modular design

    The modules can be combined with one another as required thus allowing the system to be perfectly tailored to suit the space available.

  • High efficiency

    The intelligent buffer systems ensure high plant efficiency. When changing the type, the line sections can be changed over successively so that the efficiency of the system remains at a high level at all times.

  • Long service life

    The sturdy basic construction and a minimum amount of maintenance ensure a long service life and problem-free conveyor operation.

  • Smart control engineering

    State-of-the-art sensors monitor all of the conveyor sections and track each filling status. The flexible controller analyses this measured data quickly, thus efficiently controlling the entire production system.

  • Quick installation and commissioning

    Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in the factory. This ensures the conveyor is ready for operation within a very short time (“plug and play”).

  • High hygiene

    For areas requiring more stringent hygiene, the conveyor is also available in a hygienic design version.

  • For areas requiring more stringent

    Only permanent magnet motors are used in SynCo conveyor systems. These high-power drives reach an efficiency of 90 percent and consume considerably less power than asynchronous motors.


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Krones SynCo

Transport system for glass and PET bottles

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