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PDF Download, 0,44 MB 0,44 MB Krones Aircontronic Sniffer for inspecting empties

Product safety begins with empties inspection

On average, one returnable PET bottle in a hundred contains substances which cannot be removed by the washer. The Aircontronic Compact inspector reliably detects them. To do so, it uses a state-of-the-art mass spectrometer. The machine itself conforms to all the requirements of hygienic design. Dirt deposits do not stand a chance – and the containers are clean in a flash!

Method of operationOpenClose


01. Neutral air is blown into the container.

02. The mixture of air and gas is drawn off and examined for contaminations.

Method of operation

The inspector is installed directly on the single-lane conveyor. A two-stage non-contact vacuum pump system takes a gas sample from the bottlesas they pass by. The sample is ionised in a quadrupole mass spectrometer and routed by way of electromagnetic fields to a detector. There it is sequentially broken down by molecule mass in order to quantify the various masses. In order to identify liquids with no gas phase as well, the inspector can additionally be equipped with a CCD camera. The camera analyses the residual liquids in parallel to the detector based on their colour and also scans the container floor for extreme dirt contamination. Any contamination detected is evaluated on an industrial PC. If a container exceeds the limit values defined for it, it is immediately rejected.

  • Detection of petrochemicals, aromatic and volatile hydrocarbons in returnable PET containers
  • Foam detection system (optional)
  • Detection of foreign materials (optional)
Output range

Up to 36,000 containers/h

Layout of a fully equipped Aircontronic Compact

Aircontronic Compact
  1. Machine protection without rejection at the infeed (machine stop with horizontal containers)
  2. Height detection unit (option)
  3. Cap detection unit (option)
  1. Optimised scuffing detection unit (option)
  2. Rejection at machine infeed (Option)
  3. Mass spectrometer
  1. Colour camera
  2. Rejection of contaminated containers
  3. Rejection monitor
  4. Collecting tank

Design featuresOpenClose

Fernwartung per Remote Service
Remote maintenance using the remote service system
Design features
  • In-line machine system
  • Mounted on single-lane conveyor
  • Contamination detection by massspectrometer
  • Non-contact sampling
  • Hygienic design
Additional equipment

CCD camera for colour analysis of liquids with no gas phase

Ergonomische Bedienung über Touchscreen

Ergonomic touch-screen operation

Operation and change-over
  • Change-over to other container types without the exchange of handling parts
  • 15-inch touch-screen
  • Display and storage of all relevantoperating data
  • Graphical malfunction display
  • Secure access to the user interface using individual transponders
  • Different access levels for individual operators depending on the assigned authorisation
  • Monitoring and parameterisation possible via remote service

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Compact design

    The Aircontronic Compact lives up to its name: The linear machine‘s compact design means it takes up little space on the bottling line.

  • Hygienic design

    Its open design with sloping surfaces protects the inspector against dirt deposits and minimises cleaning effort.

  • Economical to maintain

    The Aircontronic Compact has no moving parts, thus protecting it from wear and tear.

  • Fast format-changing

    The inspector needs no type-dependent handling parts at all, and so can be converted to handle different container sizes in just minutes.

  • Protection against inappropriate

    By means of individual transponders and different access levels, the access rights of each operator can be precisely defined.

  • Unified operator control logic

    All Krones machines are equipped with a uniform operating concept for maximum userfriendliness.

  • Remote diagnosis and maintenance

    Krones Remote Service provides you with round-the-clock expert advice and support. If required, a Krones technician can access your inspector via a secure data link. This means parameter settings, software updates and fault analyses can be carried out rapidly and cost-effectively, with absolute security.

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Krones Aircontronic

Sniffer for inspecting empties

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