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Modularised labeller and sleeving machine in combination

To be prepared for the challenges of the future, you have to be flexible. The beverages market is characterised by new trends, new products, new groups of buyers and new markets. If one thing is clear, it is that the beverage producer has to include maximum flexibility in the planning of his production steps so that he can start new campaigns and market new products quickly.

Of particular importance is flexibility in terms of decoration. At the end of the day, what might be right and important for one market may get a totally different response with a different target group. And when it comes to the product lifecycle, it is certainly possible that more economical decoration may be demanded for certain products. The result is that the labelling process is increasingly becoming based on selective marketing for the individualised presentation of the product.

With the Krones DecoBloc you will be perfectly equipped for every task. The combination of a classical modular labeller with connection of whichever labelling stations are required and a sleeve labeller gives you the flexibility to meet every requirement in fastmoving markets.



The DecoBloc combines in a single machine concept what were previously two independent machines. The integrated modular labeller handles all the classical labelling tasks while the directly attached sleeve labeller comes into play when shrink or stretch sleeves have to be processed. By bringing these two labellers together in a single construction, all that is needed are a bottle infeed and a bottle discharge, resulting in an extremely compact arrangement in the production line. The integrated servo drive technology allows the bottles to be guided and positioned with extreme precision. On top of that, you have the flexibility of running the two machines either separately or in combination – for example when a container orientation system is required for applying sleeves.

Examples of applications for the different operating options for the DecoBloc:

... for low outputs

... for the high output range

Machine configuration

Depending on the output required, the DecoBloc will be comprised of a combination of a modular labeller and either a single or dual carousel version of the sleeve machine. This means that it is possible to either run just the modular labeller (Fig. A), use just the one or two sleeve carousels (Fig. B), or combine the modular machine with the sleeve machine (Fig. C).

Modular labellerOpenClose

  • Modular machine with flexible docking of the required labelling station
  • Less stress on the operator thanks to motor-driven docking of the labelling station and precise positioning of the station without readjustment
  • Quick adjustment to the individual decoration thanks to motor-driven station height adjustment
  • Precise label positioning provided by high precision servo drive technology for optimum utilisation of the brush-on distance
  • Easy change-over with quickchange design handling parts and automatic positioning of the container plate
  • Multi-function clamping starwheels for processing containers with different neck finish diameters
Additional equipment
  • Container orientation system for precise positioning of the containers for textured bottles or containers with embossing
  • Automatic magazine loading system for cold-glue labelling for the processing of up to 50,000 labels without refilling
  • Automatic reel splicing unit for self-adhesive labelling without machine stoppages for changing the reel
  • Simulator for the main machine for setting and checking the labelling stations independently of production times
  1. Cold-glue labelling station
  2. Label applicator for self-adhesive labels
  3. Canmatic labelling station for precut wrap-around labels
  1. Contiroll labelling station for reelfed wrap-around labels
  2. Infeed worm
  3. Infeed starwheel
  1. Container table with servo-driven control system
  2. Discharge starwheel

Modular labeller - Labelling stationsOpenClose

Cold-glue labelling station - Processing of pre-cut labels
  • Processing of labels with the service-proven oscillating pallet conveyance system
  • Low glue consumption with finely controllable glue application 
  • Short change-over times with quick-change pallets and gripper cylinders with polygonal mount
Canmatic labelling station - Hot glue labelling of cut wrap-around labels
  • Robust labelling station with two hotmelt units working independently from one another
  • Individual setting of the glue temperature at each hotmelt gluing unit
  • Precision adjustment of the glue film thickness
Label applicator for APS3 and APS4 self-adhesive labels
  • Adjustable labelling station with four axes for adjustment, or six axes available as an option, and with adjustment indicators
  • Label reels positioned horizontally on the labelling station without end-turning section for the label film
  • Speed regulation via servo drive

Contiroll HS labelling station for reelfed wrap-around labels

  • Leading-edge and trailing-edge gluing with hotmelt for wraparound labels or label parts
  • Variable labelling station pitch for processing different label lengths
  • Quick-change cutters with very long service lives

Sleeve labeller - Sleevematic AFOpenClose

  • Machine designed for continuous operation for the application of sleeves
  • Design with either one or two sleeve carousels depending on the required output
  • Application of shrink or stretch sleeves in standard or modified version
  • Different sleeve lengths and sleeve diameters can be processed
  • Robust sleeve applicator
  • Sleeves can be applied to wet containers as well
  • Connection of a Krones Shrinkmat for adjusting the shrink sleeves to the container contours
Additional equipment
  • Linadry S blower unit for reliable  container drying

Sleevematic AF - Sleeve applicatorOpenClose

  • Mechanical mandrel for opening the sleeve
  • Film transport using 4 servo-driven transport rollers
  • Adjustment of the pressing-on pressure by limiting the torque on the adjusting spindle
  • Rotating cutting wheel with 4 blades and mechanical triggering of the cut
  • Servo drive for the accelerating roller with torque limitation at the adjusting spindle

Sleeve transfer with the Sleevematic AF

Method of operation

The sleeve film is unwound evenly from the reel via feed rollers and conveyed to the cutting unit via the sleeve supply unit. There, the sleeve is opened by pulling it over a mandrel. Several servo-controlled cutters cut the sleeves exactly to the set length. After that, the application fork pulls the sleeves over the container to their final position (Figs. A and B). While the application fork is lowered, a clamp holds the sleeve and the container tightly in place (Fig. C). The clamp only opens when the container has been transferred to the discharge starwheel. As a result, each sleeve is in perfect position and cannot slip.

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Highly flexible labelling
    The quick changeover between the classical labelling technology and sleeve technology in a single machine is a big advantage, especially for companies which process glass and PET containers.
  • Saving of space at the production site
    Compactly combined – that is the DecoBloc in the production line. Space is often at a premium on the bottling line. Save space with the integration of classical labelling and sleeve labelling in a single machine.
  • Orientation – not just for glass bottles
    Have you ever thought about a PET bottle with an embossing-like design? The DecoBloc opens up new possibilities for the labelling of PET bottles using the container orientation system on the modular machine.
  • Economic labelling
    Non-standard products and limited runs can be integrated in operations without major investment costs. With just a single, transparent number of handling parts for a sleeve carousel, campaigns are made genuinely affordable.

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Krones DecoBloc

All dress variants on one machine

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