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Krones LPA Tapping into efficiency reserves in the production line


LPA – the abbreviation stands for “Line Performance Analyser” – does exactly what the name suggests.

You always know what is “happening” on your line – or do you? Do you know the reason for non-productive times? With the Line Performance Analyser – (LPA) – the answer both times is: yes! That’s because this practical tool keeps an eye on your system and “serves up” all of the key information you need in an easily understandable format with minimal effort on your part.
What makes LPA special is that the practical tool captures all non-productive times of the line, even those caused by external factors such as cleaning, changeover, material shortages and breaks. You have all the data in front of you which you need to fully analyse and optimise your production operations and increase profitability..

KRONES LPA – Your benefitsOpenClose


LPA delivers accurate overall equipment efficiency (OEE) data.

Your benefits

  • Transparent production: detailed information on efficiency, availability, performance, quality and OEE is only a few mouse clicks away.
  • Highly informative analysis: the system translates a large amount of complex data about your line into highly informative metrics.
  • Concrete target/actual comparisons: LPA determines metrics for a particular job or shift. This enables you to monitor job orders during ongoing production and perform comparison analysis when they are finished.
  • Greater efficiency, lower cost: LPA helps you track down the root cause of faults and the factors which drag down the performance of your system. It means you can quickly work out where to target the improvements and also gives you a tool for determining how effective these measures are.
  • Benchmarking: you have objective assessment criteria which provide a basis for comparing different lines, time periods or even sites.
  • Easy to use: the tool features a simple, intuitive design. You are guaranteed to “feel right at home” after just a few clicks.

Software for production plantsOpenClose


Yes – with the right IT!

The issue of IT causes furrowed brows in many businesses. Complicated processes, unstable systems, convoluted operation – who’s going to bother with that? We will! Because IT doesn’t need to be like that. Cleverly planned and optimally configured for your busi-ness, it makes everyday working life easier both in management and on the production floor. Whether you want to optimise the utili-sation of your line capacity, monitor product quality or bring your warehouse up to the latest standards, with the right software you can exploit every last quantum of efficiency for every task.

How to build your IT toolbox

What holds true for every other investment also holds true for IT: the chosen solution must suit your processes and meet your re-quirements. That’s why we won’t sell you any old standard, off-the-shelf solution. Quite the contrary: our experts place great value on getting to know the actual conditions in the plant before they tackle each project. They do that by analysing the work flows and taking a physical inventory of the existing equipment. Working from this overall picture, they get together with you to plan a customised solution based on the SitePilot toolbox for the food and beverages industry.

SitePilot – industry knowledge and IT under one roofOpenClose


Our key advantage is explicit industry expertise. That’s because decades as a systems supplier to the food and beverages industry have taught us what it’s all about. You don’t need to spend long explaining to us what you expect from your IT. On the contrary: our professionals will analyse your processes closely and tailor a made-to-measure solution for your business in the twinkling of an eye.

What we offer …

  • Industry-specific IT solutions for your business
  • Software and mechanical engineering from one source
  • Individual advice from experts in the food and beverages industry
  • Seamless integration of existing plant and machinery – even from other manufacturers
  • Flexible options for combination with other systems
  • The ideal solution for every requirement: from the smallest module to the complete factory
  • Relevant practical training in the Krones Academy 

… and what it can help you achieve

  • Greater planning reliability
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Greater efficiency, lower TCO
  • Maximum transparency across the entire system
  • Valuable metrics and analyses for optimisation of the line
  • Shorter lead times
  • Synchronisation of production processes with business processes
One for all

SitePilot is a shared brand name that covers all Krones IT products. It includes a comprehensive modular software system for all tasks, from production to maintenance. The system enables processes to be planned, visualised, documented and controlled.

SitePilot – the individual segmentsOpenClose


An overview of the individual segments

SitePilot Processing

delivers added safety and efficiency in production:

  • Krones Botec F1 process control system

SitePilot Filling and Packaging

makes optimal use of machinery and materials:

  • Line Management System Krones LMS

Line Management System gives you an information edge:

  • Krones LDS Line Documentation System

SitePilot Manufacturing Intelligence

provides staff in production with exactly the information needed at the precise time:

  • Krones line visualisation
  • Data display
  • Data capture for individual machines

SitePilot Business Intelligence

reveals savings potential and brings transparency to complex situations – with informative key ratios and structured analyses:

  • Krones reporting
  • Krones LPA Line Performance Analyser
  • Energy and media monitor

SitePilot Planning

helps you keep a clear overview of all factors when planning orders:

  • Krones production planning

SitePilot Quality

leaves nothing to chance when it comes to quality:

  • Krones LIMS Laboratory Information Management System

SitePilot Maintenance

for the optimal planning of maintenance jobs:

  • Krones Asset Management KAM

SitePilot Infrastructure

networks all operational areas and ensures a seamless flow of information:

  • Krones hardware and network technology


We would be happy to tailor a complete IT package to suit your exact needs and roll it out across the entire production process.

  • Krones MES Manufacturing Execution System

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