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PDF Download, 0,72 MB 0,72 MB Krones Garantomatic Opening protection with film sleeve

Guaranteed protection against unauthorised opening

Using tamper-evident seals of shrink sleeving film is an excellent way of protection against any unauthorised opening of bottles, jars and plastic containers. The Garantomat applies the sleeves quickly, securely and reliably. This system is suitable for different container and cap sizes as a standalone machine or as an additional unit for Krones labelling systems. When changing container types, the Garantomatic can be changed over quickly and without the need for tools.

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Precision

    The servo-controlled film conveyor makes the exact, infinitely variable settings for the sleeve length possible.

  • Safety

    The hot-air tunnel is automatically raised in the event of container back-up on the conveyor. Possible overheating of containers or of the fill product is prevented with certainty in this way.

  • Low space requirements

    The compact construction means the Garantomatic is easily integrated on any filling line.

  • User-friendliness

    The Garantomatic is easy to access and operate.

  • Time-saving

    A minimum of time is needed for changing containers and sleeves.

  • Flexibility for the future

    The Garantomatic can be retrofitted or refurbished even years later, for example to include register mark detection.

Facts and figuresOpenClose

Method of operation

The sleeve is taken off the reel, carried through the conveyor rollers to the sleeve supply unit and then to the labelling station. This supply unit can hold a second reel, has an integrated device for cutting and gluing and thus makes it possible to change over reels without having to stop the machine.
The sleeve of film, lying flat, is pulled over a mandrel and thus opened. Horizontal perforation can be applied here as well. The now open sleeve is pushed onto the cap of the container held exactly in place in a transfer starwheel and then cut to the required length by a rotating blade. The shrink sleeve band placed in this way is positioned exactly by a synchronised belt and held here between two hot-air nozzles, one on either side of the band. The sleeve is then shrunk to completion in a separate hot-air tunnel.
This system can also be integrated in the Krones labeller as an additional Garantomat unit.


Attaching sleeves to glass or plastic containers as the tamper-evident seal

  • Sleeve diameter: 25 – 120 mm
  • Sleeve length: max. 80 mm
Output range

The Garantomatic can attach up to 36,000 tamper-evident seals to containers per hour.

Design featuresOpenClose

Design features
  • Layout variants: Parallel or angular arrangement
  • Separate supply unit for the sleeve reels, arrangement variable
  • Servo-driven cutting unit
  • Straightforward replacement of the cutting blade without any time-consuming adjustment needed
  • Conveyor running synchronised with the machine
  • Free-standing stainless-steel hot-air tunnel located above the conveyor
  • Terminal with operating hours meter, tachometer and malfunction indicator
  1. Infeed worm

  2. Transfer star

  3. Sleeve supply unit

  1. Sleeve

  2. Cutting unit

  1. Hot-air nozzles

  2. Shrink tunnel

Shrink sleeve band attached by the Garantomat unit
  • Variable bottle feed at the machine infeed with adjustable fixed stops which can be quickly re-set for any container type
  • Quick replacement of the Raptec handling parts
  • Quick change-over of all sleeve handling parts for the different diameters
  • Sleeve length infinitely adjustable
  • Motor-driven height adjustment of the cutting unit for the different container heights
  • Hot-air tunnel manually adjustable in the height

Additional equipmentOpenClose

Precision in cutting to the cutting marks
Register mark detection
  • Processing of styled sleeves also bearing a register mark
  • Scanner with adjustable sensitivity for different colour contrasts
Perforation device
  • Lengthwise perforation of the sleeve for easier opening
  • Horizontal perforation for controlled tear-off of the sleeve when opening
  • Combined lengthwise and horizontal perforation
Device at the cutting unit for lengthwise perforation
Other additional equipment
  • Electronic container counter
  • Additional container handling parts
  • Well-arranged handling parts trolley for two complete sets of parts
  • Handling parts storage cabinet for storing accessories
  • Spare and replacement parts for 2,000 or 4,000 operating hours
System expansion
  • Shrink-sleeve control by Krones Checkmat with automatic rejection

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Krones Garantomatic

Opening protection with film sleeve

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