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PDF Download, 1,48 MB 1,48 MB Krones Robogrip The multi-functional packing and palletising robot

The specialist who can do it all

Nobody fools Robogrip when it comes to packing and unpacking. Whether crates, cartons, trays, kegs, bags, or individual containers – the versatile robot reliably packs and unpacks everything it can grip. But this is not all! You can also count on Robogrip when it comes to palletising and depalletising individually, in layers, or in rows. Being a multitalented system, it manages also demanding task combinations. Just test it to see for yourself – Robogrip grips it all when it comes to packing and palletising!

Method of operation, applicationOpenClose

Method of operation

The arm of the robot is mounted on a rigid base, and it can be rotated by 185° in both directions. The movements of all rotating shafts are performed via backlash-free gears and directly mounted servo motors. The gripper head is mounted with a central latch and it is optionally designed as a fixed-installed tool or it is equipped with a self-centring quick-change coupling. The gripper principle is adapted to each specific field of application. For combined tasks, multi-functional tools are employed.


The Robogrip manages numerous packing, palletising, and sorting task, for example:

  • Palletising pack rows and single packs
  • Palletising returnable packs in rows
  • Picking up or depositing containers in rows/complete layers
  • Packing and unpacking of complete layers/rows or single packs
  • Feeding of packer magazine with carton blanks
  • Processing of special formats such as kegs and bags
Additional equipment
  • Space control
  • Line trek
Robogrip with four axes
  1. Workspace
  1. Servo threephase motor
  1. Backlash-free cycloidal gear

Design features, performance dataOpenClose

Design features
  • Articulated-arm robot with four axes
  • Robust cast-iron design
  • Freely programmable, superimposed movement axes
  • Drive system protected against dust and water
  • Maintenance-free servo motors in all movement axes
  • PLC integrated in robot base
  • During normal operation only electrical and wear-resistant braking procedures are employed
  • Mechanical stopping break when robot is turned off
  • Backlash-free cycloidal gear with integral cross roller mounting
  • Standardised gripper head couplings

Performance data

Model Output (cycles per hour) Load (kg) at the wrist Pivoting range
Robogrip 4-axes 550

Examples of applications– Palletising packs, combined packing and palletisingOpenClose

Palletising packs

Using a jaw gripper, the Robogrip picks up the rows of packs and places them on the pallet. With the turnable combined gripper head, interlocked layer patterns can be created and layer pads inserted. The Robogrip automatically picks up the pallets from a centring frame and positions them on the palletising station.


Palletising packs
Combined packing and palletising

The containers reach the palletiser via a container infeed table. Depending on the requirements, the Robogrip selects the respective gripper head and packs the bottles either into cartons or plastic crates. After packing, it places the packs with the palletising part of the combined tool onto the pallet. A travelling layer centring unit supports the pack palletising process. Depalletising and unpacking of cartons or crates is carried out in reverse order.


packing and palletising

Examples of applications– Empties sorting, palletising OpenClose

Empties sorting

Due to its flexible concept, this variant is very suitable for use in warehouses: Conveyors feed different container and crate types to the Robogrip, where the containers are classified and combined into packs of one type that are stacked on pallets The Robogrip automatically picks up the pallets from a centring frame and positions them on different conveyor lanes.


Empties sorting
Palletising according to the pack type

Different packs are conveyed on a combined feed conveyor, identified via a bar code scanner and distributed according to their type onto several conveyors. A sensor monitors the feed condition of each feed conveyor and and routes this information to the robot Controller.Depending on the amount of packs, the Robogrip can now sort the packs by their types.


Palletising according to the pack type

Gripping equipment – Bar-type, shutter, jaw and fork gripper headOpenClose

Almost everything is possible when designing the gripper heads. Here are just a few examples of numerous of options:

Bar-type gripper head
  • Picks up layers of pre-grouped new glass containers and positions them on the pallet
  • Inserts layer pads, trays and inverted trays via integrated suction grippers
Shutter head
  • Sets the pack without pressure down on the pallet
  • It is especially suitable for sensitive packs
Jaw gripper head
  • Gripping of complete layers with returnable packs from all four sides
  • Processes also full crates with optional hook system
Fork gripper head for carton blanks
  • Depalletised carton blanks
  • Picks up the stack of blanks directly from the pallet and places it on a carton magazine

Gripping equipment – Combined gripper head, gripper cup and clamping gripper OpenClose

Combined gripper head
  • Enables packing and palletising with just one gripper head
  • Picks up containers via gripper cups from a conveyor and packs them into crates or cartons
  • Grips packs with an integral hook and composes them to the desired layer pattern
Gripper cup
  • Unpacking or packing complete layers or rows of containers from or into crates, displays or cartons.
Combined gripper head with clamping function and layer pad inserter
  • Picks up multi-packs in rows and palletises them
  • Equipped with automatically adjustable clamping segments
  • With its integrated suction grippers, it also processes layer pads
Clamping gripper head for kegs
  • Palletises kegs
  • Variably adjusts to different keg sizes

Additional equipmentOpenClose


Automatic gripper head change-over

Automatic change-over

Using the automatic change-over system, Robogrip automatically replaces the gripper heads without operator intervention. There are three different possibilities for storing and transporting the gripper heads:

  • Stationary changing station within the robot’s radius of action
  • Mobile handling parts trolleys
  • Moving the changing station on the pallet conveyor

Operation and safetyOpenClose

  • Easy touch-screen operation
  • Display of all relevant production data
  • All operating and maintenance points are easily accessible
  • Operation and parameterisation is possible via Remote Service
Safety system

The Robogrip is surrounded by a sturdy guarding and has an electronically locked door. As soon as it is opened, the robot comes to a stop.

Overall view with guard

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Low space requirement

Thanks to its compact size, the Robogrip can be installed on small spaces and in low halls.

  • Precise and gentle movements

Since the Robogrip is driven by servo motors its motion sequences arer precise and gentle on the product.

  • Wide field of application

Packing, palletising, and sorting – the robot can be employed for many different purposes and it also performs challenging combined tasks reliably and safely.

  • Individual design

There are many different gripping tools available for the Robogrip. Simply configure your individual robot that meets your requirements one-hundred percent. The krones product specialists will gladly consult you about which solution is the best for your needs.

  • Low maintenance requirement

The Robogrip is characterised by its low maintenance requirements and its high availability. This is made possible through maintenance-free servodrives and a low number of wear parts.

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Krones Robogrip

The multi-functional packing and palletising robot

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