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Krones container design Customised PET bottles

Perfect brand image with individualised PET bottles

Yes it is! At least if consumer and product come across each other. Because men decide within only 1.6 seconds if they want to buy a product or not. There is no time for content examination. Therefore, the package must be very convincing: it must attract and win the consumer within an instant: an exiting and attractive design from KRONES will give your product characteristics that stand out.

Eye-catching designOpenClose


“Design? Isn't that just for the big ones?”

No, on the contrary: design pays off for all. Our customers are multinational bottlers as well as regional niche market players. This goes for all product classes: the consumer alone affects success or failure. The customers want products which appeal to their senses.
Design is the most effective means to attract people emotionally and to give a brand its distinctive character. The right design is the foundation for a trustful and permanent relation between you customers and your product.

Requirements for the PET bottleOpenClose


Appeal and functionality exemplified on a discount product bottle

“What should a PET bottle be like: appealing or functional?”

Ideally both! Well-done design combines business with pleasure. Attractive container designs help you to win the “First moment of truth“ at the shelf in the store; however, many other features play a role in the second round, for example:

  • Feel and handling
  • Stability in full and empty condition
  • Pouring and spilling properties

Our designers do everything they can so that your PET container will also master the test in the field brilliantly. We want to do more than arousing interest and offering merchandise appeal. We want to give your customers the continuous feeling that they have decided for the right product.

Combines shape and content: design of fruit juice bottle

Combines shape and content: design of fruit juice bottle

Noble and practical: PET bottle with crown for trend

Noble and practical: PET bottle with crown for trend beverages

Development processOpenClose


“How can I find the right shape?”

Of course: together with our designers. And they know how important a good start is for a successful design project. Therefore, all important questions about the product and the containers will be clarified in an extensive briefing:

  • Which target group is to be gained?
  • What brand features are to be transferred?
  • Where do you want to place your product on the market?
  • How do competitors position themselves?
  • Which technical requirements must be met?
  • Which quality and quantity goals must be achieved?

As soon as the project's goal and direction have been defined, the actual creative work will begin: first, we make an overall design concept, which merges with different design suggestions. Because we always like to do more than what is required, we also develop one or the other unexpected idea. Let our drafts surprise you!

Bottle modulesOpenClose

“And, how can I imagine this will look in reality?”

That's true, on paper, many things look great. However, in the end, a bottle design must be convincing in three dimensions.
Photo-realistic rendering and animated 3-D views will give you a first overall impression of how the bottle will look later on. Visualisations of different design, colour, and decoration variants will show you the application possibilities of this concept right away.
The design can be experienced directly via STL prototypes and plexiglass models.
To make sure there won't be any surprises later on, we will manufacture a sample mould and process sample bottles for you.


Design studies

Design studies

3D model

3D model

3D animation

Blown sample bottle


STL model

Plexiglass model


Casting mould

Casting mould

Bottle from casting mould

Bottle from casting mould

See - feel - use.
The visualisation system enables to experience all features of the design and the later bottle.

Technical requirements for the PET bottleOpenClose

“Why does the bottle have these grooves?”

Designers have two reasons for applying these grooves. One of the reasons is the design itself: grooves are an effective design element with endless variation possibilities. Less obvious, but just as important is the technical reason for using grooves: having the right shape, depth, and characteristic, these grooves provide the bottle with the required stability, which it needs for transport and consumption.

In addition, there are many other factors which have an effect on a bottle's stability and toughness, for example:

  • Properties of the product to be filled
  • Filling temperature
  • Interior bottle pressure
  • Base and shoulder design of the bottle
  • Material distribution
  • Preform weight

Luckily, our designers have the knowhow for considering these factors already during the design process. Because it doesn't do any good if a bottle just looks good but is not functional.


Test procedureOpenClose

“And? Does the design meet everything it promises?”

In order to be able to find that out, the bottles have to undergo a very strict test course at our technical centre. Here, the bottles to be tested will not get away with anything: The comprehensive lab tests cover the entire range of stress types the bottle has to be able to withstand during production, during transport, and during consumption. And, of course, we will only hand over bottles to you which have met the test with excellence!


Test production in the lab machine

Test production in the lab machine

How far can the bottle be stressed? The limits are shown in the lab.

How far can the bottle be stressed? The limits are shown in the lab.

Mould productionOpenClose

“How do I get from the sample bottle to series production?”

Being a one-hand supplier, we will not send you home with the plain bottle. For your smooth production run, we design and manufacture the suitable mould for you - with maximum precision and the well-proven KRONES quality.


Quality work: Moulds from KRONES

Preform selectionOpenClose

“How can I find the best preform?”

If possible, not at all! Let us take this part over for you. To receive a perfect result, bottle and preforms must supplement each other perfectly. From our design process, we know what properties your preform should have. This knowledge enables us to design the preform optimally for your new bottle.


Which preform is the right one? We will find out!

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