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PDF Download, 1,57 MB 1,57 MB Krones Sleevematic Stretch or shrink-sleeves for containers

Rotary or inline machines for sleeving

Shrinking or stretching? The multitalented machine can do both. The labels are pulled over the empty or full containers using an application fork. The result: Perfect sleeve position and containers attracting all the attention at the point of sale.

Your advantagesOpenClose

  • Glue-free labelling

    Labelling with sleeves takes place without any glue application.

  • High performance

    The different variants of the Sleevematic M allow precise labelling in all speed ranges.

  • User-friendliness

    The Sleevematic is easily accessible and comfortable to use.

  • Time saving

    Container or sleeve changeovers require very short conversion times.

  • More space

    Due to its compact design, the Sleevematic M requires little space for installation.

  • Precise sleeve cut

    The rotating cutting technology of the Sleevematic ensures a precise cutting result.

  • Saving

    For the opening of the sleeve, the Sleevematic does not require an additional vacuum unit.

  • Relief for the operators

    With the additionally available magazine Multireel S, the Sleevematic works entirely autonomously for up to eight hours.

Sleevematic AF - Figures, data, facts - Method of operationOpenClose

Method of operation

The sleeve film is unwound evenly from the reel via feed rollers and conveyed to the cutting unit via the sleeve supply unit. There, the sleeve is opened by pulling it over a mandrel. Several servomotor-controlled cutters cut the sleeves exactly to the set length. After that, the applicator fork pulls the sleeves over the container to their final position (figure A and B). While the applicator fork is lowered, a clamp holds the sleeve and the container tightly in place (figure C). The clamp only opens when the container has been transferred to the discharge starwheel. As a result, each sleeve is in perfect position and cannot slip.

Sleeve labelling of glass and plastic containers (empty and full) for stretch and shrink sleeves.
Output range

Depending on the length of the sleeves, the machine can label 3,000 to 50,000 containers per hour.


Sleevematic AF - Zahlen, Daten, Fakten

Sleeve transfer with the Sleevematic AF

Sleevematic AF - Figures, data, facts - Design featuresOpenClose

  1. Infeed worm
  2. Infeed starwheel
  3. Container table
  1. Sleeve reel  
  2. Cutting Unit 
  3. Discharge starwheel 
  1. Control cabinet 
  2. Touch-screen
Design features
  • Electronic cap inspection and gap detection at machine infeed
  • Infeed worm equipped with safety clutch
  • Feeding of sleeves by means of two sleeve reels
  • Sleeve supply for reel change
  • Height-adjustable cutting unit with sleeve conveyor
  • Standard machine PLC
  • Electronic container counter
  • Integrated, ready-to-connect control cabinet
  • Central lubrication points
  • Optional with the automatic reel-fed magazine Multireel S
Additional equipment
  • Coding with ink-jet or laser printer
  • Mechanical container orientation system for special dressings
  • Hot-air nozzles for pre-positioning of sleeves
  • Device for longitudinal and transversal perforation of sleeves
  • Clamping starwheels at the infeed and discharge for the handling of different containers with a difference in diameter of up to 20 mm
  • Additional container and sleeve sets
  • Central lubrication

Sleevematic M - The inline machine for shrink sleevesOpenClose

You have something special in mind for your product decoration? Then the Sleevematic is the perfect decision. Because the specialist for shrink sleeves even labels special shapes quickly, cleanly, and reliably. Being a modular inline machine, it can easily be adjusted to any production speed!
Sleeve transfer with the Sleevematic M
Sleevematic M MF - Die Geradläufer-Maschine für Schrumpf-Sleeves

Sleevematic M - Figures, data, facts - Method of operationOpenClose

Method of operation

Unwinding and cutting of the film sleeve is performed just like with the Sleevematic AF. After cutting, a feed applies the open sleeves directly to the container. Depending on the container shape and the sleeve size, an optional positioning module moves the sleeve to the desired position. Partial sleeves will be moved to their exact position by means of lateral guides. Optional hot-air nozzles shrink and pre-position the sleeves. After that, the sleeves are shaped perfectly around the container contour in a steam or hot-air tunnel.

Sleevematic M - Zahlen, Daten, Fakten
  1. Container infeed
  2. Suspension for the cutting unit (height-adjustable)
  3. Mandrel
  1. Sleeve transport-unit 
  2. Sleeve cutter unit with servo-controlled, rotating blades 
  3. Lowering belt 
  1. Device for positioning of the sleeves (optional) 
  2. Hot-air nozzles for pre-shrinking (optional) 
Design features
  • Electronic gap detection at machine infeed
  • Infeed worm with servodrive
  • Sleeve feed via free-standing sleeve buffer
  • Sleeve supply unit for reel change without machine stop
  • Height-adjustable cutting unit with sleeve conveyor
  • Standard machine PLC
  • Integrated, ready-to-connect control cabinet
Labelling with shrinkable full body and partial sleeves

Sleevematic M - Figures, data, facts - Output rangeOpenClose

Sleevematic M - Zahlen, Daten, Fakten
Output range

The output of the machine depends on the number and layout of the cutting units. You can choose between three different designs:

  • Version M1 labels up to 27,000 containers/h.
  • Version M2 increases the machine output to up to 40,000 containers/h.
  • Version M2 parallel allows a maximum output of 54,000 containers/h.

The indicated outputs apply to a sleeve length of 150 mm.

Additional equipment
  • Manually adjustable positioning module for partial sleeves
  • Hot-air nozzles for shrink-fitting and pre-positioning of sleeves
  • Equipment for longitudinal and transversal perforation of sleeves

Sleevematic - Operation and change-overOpenClose

  • Colour touch-screen
  • User-friendly menu setup in the operating program
  • Safe access to the user interface through individual transponders
  • Easy-to-follow display of the current production data
  • Malfunction display in plain text and graphic display
  • Text displayed in the set language
  • Interface to superordinated systems such as PDA (production data acquisition) or LMS (line management system)
  • Remote maintenance possible
The Sleevematic can be changed to another container or sleeve size within a very short time. For the Sleevematic AF, the fastest possible change-over takes 15 minutes; for the Sleevematic M, the change-over takes 30 minutes. To do so, the new type will be selected first on the touch-screen. When new containers or sleeves are to be used for the first time, all sleeve parameters can be programmed and stored via menu prompts. The height adjustment of the cutting unit is motordriven.
Reel change
During the reel change-over, the end of the first reel is spliced to the beginning of a new reel. Thus, the need to thread the sleeve into the machine at each change-over is eliminated. A cutting table that is mounted at the sleeve magazine significantly facilitates this task. Due to the generously dimensioned sleeve supply unit, reel change-over can be carried out without interruption of production. The additionally available magazine Multireel S offers space for up to eight sleeve reels, which are bonded to each other automatically – without any reduction in the output.
Sleevematic - Bedienung und Umstellung

Sleeve supply unit with cutting table

KRONES Shrinkmat – modular steaming tunnelOpenClose

  • Can be expanded at a later point when needed
  • Convinces through compact design with integral steam pipe system
  • Easily accessible through lateral doors
  • All settings can be reproduced via adjustable nozzle bar
  • Connection for steam extraction
  • Each tunnel zone has its own temperature display and temperature control
  • Safety switch at every door for interrupting the steam supply
System-Erweiterungen KRONES Shrinkmat – der modulare Dampftunnel

KRONES CHECKMAT – Versatile inspection unitOpenClose

  • Checks the position of the sleeves
  • Identifies the labels
  • Checks printed data (optical character recognition via OCR/OCV)
  • Recognises bar codes
  • Checks fill level and container cap
  • Reliable discharge of faulty containers via clamping starwheel or pusher
System-Erweiterungen KRONES Checkmat – die vielseitige Inspektionseinheit

KRONES Multireel S – Automatic sleeve magazineOpenClose

  • Takes up to eight sleeve reels simultaneously (for a label width of 50 – 145 mm)
  • Enables the Sleevematic to work autonomously for up to 8 hours – without the intervention of an operator
  • Splices sleeve reels automatically – without any reduction in the output
  • Can be retrofitted easily in already installed sleeve machines
  • Convinces through space-saving and ergonomic design
  • Special design for sleeve widths of up to 200 mm and 6 sleeve reels possible
  •  Up to 30,000 containers per hour
System-Erweiterungen – das automatische Sleeve-Magazin

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Krones Sleevematic

Stretch or shrink-sleeves for containers

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