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PDF Download, 1,58 MB 1,58 MB Krones Contiroll Bottle dress in a wrap-around concept

High-precision, high-performance labelling for a broad spectrum of containers

When it comes to decorating containers with wrap-around, reel-fed labels, the Contiroll has been setting the benchmark for many years now – and this all around the globe. The machine has a rotary design with a precisely-operating labelling station which cuts film or paper labels and then uses hotmelt to glue them to the containers. As far as efficiency, accuracy and speed are concerned, the Contiroll labeller with its permanently developed technology leads the field.

Your benefitsOpenClose

  • High labelling precision

    The containers are precisely positioned between the centring bell and centring plate.

  • Low glue consumption

    For labelling, only two narrow strips of hotmelt are required at the beginning and end of the label.

  • High output

    The different Contiroll designs allow for precise labelling from the the low to the highest output range.

  • User friendliness

    The Contiroll is easily accessible and comfortable to use

  • Time saving

    Container or label change-overs only require the briefest of conversion times.

  • Less work for the operators

    With the additionally available magazine Multireel C reel-storage magazine, the Contiroll can work entirely autonomously for up to eight hours.

  • Flexibility for the future

    The Contiroll can still be retrofitted or converted, even after many years of service.

Figures, data, factsOpenClose

Principle of operation
A feed roller, the speed of which is adapted to suit the label length, continually pulls the label web from the reel. The label web guider, which is installed as standard, is responsible for ensuring that the label web is pulled straight. In the cutting unit, the labels are precisely cut while a computer and servo-motor provide an exact cut-off point.
Two narrow strips of hotmelt, which are applied by a heated glue roller to the leading and trailing label edges, glue the labels together. The hotmelt strip applied to the leading label edge ensures a precise and positive transfer onto the rotating container. This glue strip ensures that the label is positioned precisely and glued correctly. As the container is rotating while the label is being applied, the label is stretched to fit smoothly. When the trailing edge is glued down, the secure bond is complete.
krones Contiroll Die Maschine für Rundum-Etikettierung von der Rolle
Leading and trailing-edge gluing with hotmelt

This standard Contiroll gluing method minimises glue consumption as only a narrow strip of glue is applied to the leading and trailing edges. A large glue bowl ensures an ample glue supply.

Full-surface gluing with cold glue

Full-surface gluing with cold glue has proven most successful in practice for the application of paper labels. Labels can be applied to the containers either with or without overlap.


Label gluing with hotmelt

Label application

Contiroll – standard version - Figures, data, factsOpenClose

Design features
  • Electronic closure inspection and gap detection at machine infeed
  • Single-hand fasteners for the quick change-over of the centring bells and container plates
  • Feed roller driven by a computercontrolled servomotor
  • Complete cutting unit can be removed for maintenance
  • Labelling station easily accessible from all sides
  • Central lubrication points
Contiroll – Standardausführung Zahlen, Daten, Fakten

For the labelling of glass, plastic and metal containers (both empty and filled) with wrap-around labels

Output range

Depending on the label length, the machine can label 3,000 to 36,000 containers per hour with one labelling station..

Standard Contiroll labelling station

Contiroll – Standardausführung Zahlen, Daten, Fakten
  1. Label reels
  2. Label web guider
  1. Feed roller
  2. Cutting unit 
  1. Vacuum-grip cylinder
  2. Hotmelt gluing unit 

Contiroll HS – High Speed - Figures, data, factsOpenClose

Design features - only for the Contiroll HS
  • The reel holder, feed roller, cutting unit, vacuum-grip cylinder and hotmelt unit are driven by computer- controlled servomotors
  • The labelling station pitch can be adapted to suit the label length using servodrives
  • Label lengths of between 172 mm and 640 mm can be handled with one labelling station
  • Easily replaceable cutter in the cutting unit
  • Replaceable hotmelt gluing unit
  • Automatic splicing of the label webs during reel change-over supplied as standard
  • Neck-handling design available for empty containers
  • Bloc arrangement possible with stretch blow moulder or rinser
Other design features
  • Electronic cap inspection and gap detection at the machine infeed
  • Single-hand fasteners for the quick change-over of the centring bells and container plates
  • Complete cutting unit can be removed for maintenance
  • Central lubrication points
Etikettieraggregat mit wechselbarem Heißleimwerk

For the labelling of glass, plastic and metal containers (both empty and filled) with wrap-around labels

Output range

Depending on the label length, the machine can label between 3,000 and 66,000 containers per hour with just one labelling station.

Contiroll HS labelling station

Etikettieraggregat der Contiroll HS
  1. Label reels
  2. Automatic splicing unit
  3. Label web guider
  1. Feed roller
  2. Cutting unit 
  3. Vacuum-grip cylinder 
  1. Hotmelt gluing unit

Container tableOpenClose


Container rotation via servomotor and toothed belts

Container table for round containers
  • The container plates are driven by a toothed belt and servomotor
  • Should the container diameter be changed, the container rotation can be infinitely adjusted. Change parts are not required.
  • Type change-over on the touchscreen

Exchangeable cam segment for processing specially shaped containers

Mechanically controlled container table for specially shaped containers
  • Container table with turnstiles and cam segments
  • To change the container diameter, change the cam segment relevant for the rotation

Containers rotated by container plates and servomotors

Servo-controlled container table for special decorations
  • The container plate is driven by a computer-controlled servomotor
  • Container orientation, for example in accordance with the can seam or glass seal, is possible using a camera or sensors

Operation and change-overOpenClose

  • Colour touch-screen
  • Safe access to the user interface using individual transponders
  • User-friendly menu set-up in the control program
  • Task-oriented user concept
  • Clear display of the current production data
  • Malfunctions displayed in plain text and graphically
  • Text displayed in the set language
  • Interface to superordinated systems such as PDA (production data acquisition) or LMS (line management system)
  • Remote maintenance possible
When changing the type, the new type is firstly selected on the touchscreen. If new containers or labels are to be processed for the first time, all of the label parameters can be programmed and stored with the aid of menu assistance. The height of the entire labelling station can be adjusted in the shortest possible time using a motor. It is horizontally adjusted with cranks. The adjustments can be exactly reproduced with the aid of counters. The Raptec handling parts are easy to change and are colour-coded. The height of the machine head can be electrically adjusted and automatically fixed in place. Centring bells and container plates are equipped with single-hand fasteners. As a result, change-over times are swiftly reduced.
Automatische Verklebung bei Rollenwechsel

Automatic splicing during reel change-over

Reel change
When changing the reels on the Contiroll, the operator splices the end of the first label reel with the start of the second reel. This eliminates the need to thread the label web into the machine. A cutting table is mounted at the labelling station to facilitate this task. If optional additional equipment is purchased, the reel can be changed over automatically. At a slightly reduced machine speed, the end of the first reel is spliced with the start of the second reel. This automatic splicing equipment is supplied as standard with the Contiroll HS. The additionally available Multireel C magazine offers space for up to eight label reels, which are spliced together automatically – without any reduction in the output.


The Contiroll can be arranged in different ways thus allowing it to be ideally adjusted to the respective space conditions. Possible options are the linear, parallel, and angular arrangements.

  1. Linear arrangement
  1. Parallel arrangement 
  1. Angular arrangement 

Additional equipmentOpenClose


Hotmelt gluing unit with container for UV-sensitive glue

KRONES Roll2Shrink
  • For shrinking film labels onto convex or concave container contours
  • The adhesive is cured quickly using radiation in a UV tunnel
  • Precise film shrinking in a hot-air or steaming tunnel
  • Quick labelling station changeover using an exchangeable gluing unit

Stabilising empty containers with compressed air

Labelling empty containers
  • The empty containers are stabilised with compressed air if they are labelled before being filled
  • Use of special centring bells
  • Neck-handling starwheels
  • Motorised, height-adjustable container table

Clamping starwheels at the infeed and discharge

Multi-function clamping starwheel
  • Application as infeed, discharge and distribution starwheel
  • No curved guides required
  • Starwheels are used for several container types that do not differ in their diameter by more than 20 mm
  • Can be used as a rejection system after label inspection
Labelling station for self-adhesive labels
  • An Autocol label applicator for self-adhesive labels can be installed in the Contiroll
  • Precise positioning of additional labels, e. g. tamper-evident seals, lid labels, campaign stickers

Contiroll incorporating self-adhesive label applicator

  1. Contiroll labelling station
  2. Label applicator
More additional equipment
  • Container orientation with basespotting bars at the container table
  • Handle orientation on the container table 
  • Camera-assisted container orientation
  • Pressure-reduction unit at the machine infeed
  • Precise detection of the end of the reel
  • Ink-jet or laser code/dating unit for printing the label front
  • Cold-glue labelling station
  • Additional container and label handling parts
  • Clearly arranged handling parts trolley
  • Cabinet for storage of machine accessories
  • Central lubrication system

System expansions - KRONES Multireel COpenClose

  • Accommodates up to eight label reels simultaneously (for a label height of 30 – 150 mm)
  • Enables the Contiroll to work automatically for up to eight hours – without the operator having to intervene
  • Splices label reels automatically – without any reduction in output
  • Can be easily retrofitted onto already installed Contiroll labellers
  • Stands out thanks to its spacesaving and ergonomic design
  • Up to 70,000 containers per hour

Layout configurations

System expansions - KRONES CheckmatOpenClose

  • Checks that the labels are not missing and have been applied correctly
  • Checks the label position and angle of rotation
  • Checks printed data, such as the “best before” date or product codes, has been applied and is correct
  • Recognises barcodes
  • Checks the fill level and container seal
  • Discharges faulty containers using the retaining starwheel, clamping starwheel, or pusher

System expansions - KRONES GarantomatOpenClose

  • Additional labelling station above the Contiroll infeed or discharge
  • Applies shrink sleeves to act as tamper-evident seals
  • Unwinds the sleeve tube from the reel and cuts the shrink sleeves in the labelling station

Krones Garantomat for the application of shrink-sleeves to act as tamper-evident seals

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Krones Contiroll

Handling reel-fed labels

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