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The care package for your line

Lower output and increased down­time are often typical symptoms of ageing equipment. But that is not al­ways the case! With appropriate pre­ventive measures, your machines and lines will remain as "fresh" as they were on the first day of production.

LCS OnSite includes a number of dif­ferent on-site services that all have the same objective: to maintain the availability, efficiency and reliability of your filling line throughout its life cycle. And to achieve this objective, we leave nothing to chance.


Preventive Maintenance

Elimination of Malfunctions


Preservation of target status

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Readjustment



  • Assessment
  • Comparison
  • Measuring


Re-establishment of target status

  • Corrections
  • Replacing


of emergency target status


  • Minimisation of the service expenditure
  • Analysis of malfunctions rather than controlling damage
  • Maximum productivity

Your benefits:

  • Early detection of potential prob­lems, thus avoiding machine downtime
  • Maintenance of the desired condi­tion and maximum line availabil­ity for years to come
  • Time and cost savings through clearly defined maintenance man­agement
  • Flexible modification or expansion of your line
  • Quick identification and correction of malfunctions
  • Complete and chronological docu­mentation of the machinery's con­dition

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