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    Augmented Reality Remote Support
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    Augmented Reality Remote Support

      Live support using smart glasses (data glasses)

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      In addition to the existing phone and remote support, Krones now also offers Augmented Reality Remote Support (ARRS). This means that with the aid of so-called smart glasses you can receive immediate assistance from a Krones support specialist on your very own machine – and its as if he were there helping you on location.

      At a glance

      • Live video and audio transmission
        • Creating, editing and, after approval of local user, saving of videos and images
        • Live translation and sending of messages
        • Additional support specialists can be included
        • A visual alarm signals hazardous situations detected by support personnel
        • Ongoing development of additional functions
      • Web-based application
      • Various possibilities for installing the smart glasses (helmet, etc.)
      Download brochure Augmented Reality Remote Support
      0,65 MB, .pdf

      Benefits to you

      • Audiovisual assistance for troubleshooting from a Krones support specialist who tells you what to do and how to do it.
      • Immediate verification of results of the tasks performed together with a Krones specialist.
      • Highly improved performance and quicker solutions to problems
      • Virtual expansion of Krones network
      • 24/7 assistance via ARRS
      • Open system: also for use on OEM machines

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