00 - Article 10655

The Krones AG bicycle bottle has been awarded a prize for its extraordinary design in the "Packaging Design" category of this year's A’Design Award. The international competition awards a design prize each year in various categories.

00 - Article 10654

"Customer-oriented internet pages: Gold label": This honourable mention is granted to the Krones AG website by the ServiceValue analysis and consultant company. In a ranking of 253 analysed online presences of listed companies, we took the 24th place.

00 - Article 10653

On the eve of FachPack 2015 in Nuremberg, the Krones BEVkeg has been granted the German Packaging Award in the sales packaging category. The BEVkeg is an overall solution for non-returnable PET beverage kegs.

00 - Article 10652

The Italian Packaging Institute (Istituto Italiano Imballagio) has awarded the Oscar dell` Imballagio 2015 to the DecoType decoration machine of Krones AG for its innovative technology.

00 - Article 10651

Superlight Krones PET bottle wins iF packaging design award.

00 - Article 10650

Krones AG receives the German Investors’ Prize for corporate social responsibility. This is awarded by the publishers DuMont and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management (DeAWM).

00 - Article 10642

Krones’ facility in Rosenheim is this year numbered among the recipients of the Rosenheim Business Prize.

00 - Article 10641

With certification of the quality, environmental and occupational safety management system at the Lifecycle Service (LCS) Center in Brazil by TÜV Süd in December 2012, KRONES for the first time extends its IMS to a facility abroad.

00 - Article 10640

The Steinecker plant wins the 2012 Bavarian Energy Prize.

00 - Article 10638

All German facilities receive IMS certification (integrated management systems).

00 - Article 10635

NitroPouch – Krones’ innovative process for producing ultra-light PET containers wins the 2008 Water Innovation Award.

00 - Article 10633

In the “Mechanical Engineering Strategy Prize”, Krones AG wins in the “Best Strategic Process” category.

00 - Article 10631

In a study conducted by the Berlin-based Institute for Futurological Studies and Technology Assessment on sustainability (consumption of economic, ecological and social resources), Krones takes 4th place.

00 - Article 10628

The trade union IG-Metall awards the Krones facility in Flensburg its “Training Certificate” for its work with new recruits.

00 - Article 10624

Krones AG wins the nationwide “Mechanical Engineering Strategy Prize”.

00 - Article 10454

The China Beer Association pays tribute to Krones AG’s more than 20 years as a supportive vendor to China’s brewing industry.

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Jürgen Grzybeck, surface treatment foreman from the Flensburg plant, was awarded the 2005 environmental protection badge by the Schleswig-Holstein economic study and development association of the Schleswig-Holsteinischer Wirtschaft e.V.

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Neutraubling’s company doctor is awarded the 2004 Rescue Prize 2004 for his success in treating an employee’s diagnosed heart attack.



The Steinecker facility is awarded the Bavarian Energy Prize.

In addition, Krones AG has been participating right from the start in the BLUE COMPETENCE sustainability initiative of the VDMA (German Engineering Association).