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    Material topics
    Employee-related matters
    Employee-related matters

      Effective human resources policy is a major priority

      Our three material topics regarding employee matters are “capable, motivated workforce”, “occupational safety” and “diversity”.

      Capable, motivated workforce

      Krones develops and manufactures capital goods that are technologically highly complex – for an intensely competitive market whose demands are constantly changing. Because we have set ambitious growth targets despite this challenging environment, effective human resources policy is a major priority. To accomplish what we have set out to do, we need a workforce that is up to the challenge, in terms of both ability and motivation.

      For that reason, Krones’ human resources strategy aims to maintain consistently high levels of both competence and motivation among employees. From Krones AG’s perspective, that requires three essential elements:

      • Recruiting the right people
      • A high level of employee loyalty
      • Sustainable, purposeful training and continuing education

      Occupational safety

      Occupational safety and health at Krones is based on an occupational safety and health management system that currently extends across all of Krones AG and is gradually being expanded across the group. Our aim is to protect Krones employees from work hazards and keep the number of work-related accidents as low as possible. Thus, the underlying strategy relies heavily on prevention. We must be proactive, identifying potential risks and hazards and developing and implementing effective countermeasures. Occupational safety activities within Krones AG meet the internationally recognised OHSAS standard 18001 and have been expanded to cover the sites in the USA, Brazil, and China that are certified under our Integrated Management System (IMS).


      Diversity is an important topic for Krones and our stakeholders. Krones signed the Diversity Charter back in 2010, thus clearly expressing the company’s sense of responsibility for promoting diversity within the group. Until now, however, these efforts have been limited in scope. We are still a number of steps away from accomplishing our goal of establishing a comprehensive management concept.

      Because diversity is itself a vague term and thus allows for different interpretations, we held workshops in 2018 to consider what concrete definition of diversity should serve as the basis for Krones’ concept. We then explored which areas our diversity management would focus on. We have now completed the groundwork for building this concept. We intend to finalise the concept in 2019 and present concrete actions and goals in our 2019 Non-financial Report.

      Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „employee matters“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2018.

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