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    Material topics
    Environmental matters
    Environmental matters

      Finding ways to reduce our environmental footprint

      Our three material topics regarding environmental matters are “environmental matters relating production”, “environmental matters relating products” and “sustainability in our supply chain”.

      Environmental matters relating to production

      In order to substantially reduce both specific energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, Krones AG has set itself a CO2 reduction target. We aim to cut direct and indirect energy-related CO2 emissions per €1 million in revenue by 30% to 40% by 2020, from a 2010 baseline. The Executive Board adopted a corresponding action plan alongside the CO2 reduction target. Besides the measures laid out within the action plan, we are conducting a number of additional initiatives and projects to optimise energy and consumption in specific instances.

      The reduction target applies only to Krones AG, for several reasons. First, the parent company still accounts for the lion’s share of value creation within the group – and thus also generates the majority of emissions. Second, due to the heterogeneous nature of the companies belonging to the Krones Group and the very different local and regional circumstances under which they operate, environmental strategy has thus far been decentralised.

      Environmental matters relating to products

      When Krones develops environmentally friendly, media-efficient products, we are not only furthering our own sustainability. Our sustainable, high-quality machines and services also help our customers to produce their goods cost­effectively and achieve their own ambitious sustainability targets. We maintain close, ongoing dialog with our customers so that we can bring their needs into the further development of environmentally friendly products and technologies.

      All Krones products meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Krones created the enviro sustainability programme to continually increase the environmental sustainability of our own products. Under the programme, machines and systems are developed that are especially energy and media efficient and environmentally friendly. The processes that guide the development and classification of enviro products are laid out in the enviro management system, which covers the entire product development process.

      More information about enviro can also be found here.

      Sustainability in our supply chain

      Sustainability is a responsibility that runs the entire length of our value chain. Krones is a member of the UN Global Compact and is committed to its ten principles of doing business sustainably. We actively strive to ensure that these standards upheld in all of our business processes and expect the same of our business partners.

      Krones’ Supplier Code is an essential underpinning of the relationship between Krones and our suppliers. It lays out our most important expectations of our business partners with respect to sustainability topics.

      Detailed facts and figures about the material aspect „environmental matters“ are provided in the Non-financial Report 2018.

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