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    Krones’ investment in Raubling site secures local jobs
      11. August 2016

      Krones’ investment in Raubling site secures local jobs

      Krones has already laid the groundwork for the expansion project

      Krones AG intends to expand its Rosenheim plant’s facility in Raubling, Germany, thus ensuring the continued viability of its second-largest production site. After expanding its factory in Rosenheim in 2013, in what was the company’s single largest capital investment that year, the Krones Group is now dedicating an amount in the mid-double-digit millions to growing its factory in nearby Raubling.

      Krones had already purchased the parcel of land in Raubling several years ago in anticipation of the Raubling facility’s eventual expansion. Krones currently produces machines at its existing facilities in Rosenheim and Raubling as well as in additional space leased within the county. Expanding the Raubling site will enable Krones to consolidate its production facilities and increase efficiency.

      Krones AG has already earmarked funds for the construction project in Raubling. Construction will begin as soon as the local government approves the plan and issues the building permit.

      Raubling currently has approximately 6,000 square metres of production space. The new construction project will add around 12,000 square metres. Besides optimal workspace design for employees within the plant, Krones is also giving special attention to the building’s exterior. The concept, which the company presented at a public input meeting, features an upscale, natural design.

      Krones currently employs around 150 people in Raubling. That number will double when the project is complete.

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