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    Our people

    People – they’re the company’s future

    In a family firm like Krones, keeping our people happy and motivated is a particularly enshrined priority. The aim is to foster a long-lasting, fair and fruitful partnership.

    Our staff’s excellent qualifications are a crucial contributor towards Krones’ success. Almost all our people in the German facilities have completed a recognised course of vocational training. In Germany, university graduates account for 20.7 per cent of all staff (status 2017).

    The increasing internationalisation of Krones AG is also being reflected in the staffing structure: the number of employees abroad has steadily risen over recent years, and reached a new high in 2017 at 4,933 people.

    No matter whether it’s in Germany or abroad: with its extensive welfare provision, Krones looks after its people – successfully. The employees’ satisfaction levels are also reflected in the staff fluctuation figures, which include reasons for leaving like reaching retirement age, employee and employer giving notice of termination, the ending of time-limited employment contracts, and staff deaths, and at 2.2 per cent are exceptionally low on a sectoral comparison.

    Good training – an investment that pays dividends

    Good training – an investment that pays dividends

    The foundation for a properly qualified workforce is first-class vocational training for the staff. Krones has for decades now been offering motivated young people an attractive array of training options. In more than 20 different training and study vocations, over 500 trainees are prepared for their careers with training of rigorous excellence.

    The granting of internships and thesis-writing opportunities is another important aspect of training and recruiting at Krones. We offer around 1,000 career entrants and students a look into specific job profiles and thus first opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice with numerous topics from the various areas of our business – in close collaboration with the respective universities.

    Innovative training options

    Together with several universities, Krones offers a sandwich-course option. The graduates acquire two qualifications after just 4.5 years: a completed vocational training course and an academic degree as »Bachelor of Engineering«. Krones offers sandwich courses for the following disciplines: mechatronics, electrical engineering and information technology, process engineering, environmental engineering and mechanical engineering.

    With »Profile 21«, the latest career profile designed specifically for Krones’ field sales operations, the young people involved acquire within 4.5 years not only a professional qualification, but also the internationally recognised title of a “State-Qualified Electrical engineer”. After this, the career entrants are superbly equipped for the exigent requirements of the service business, and additionally possess the best possible preconditions for enjoying attractive development opportunities in their future career trajectories.

    Since February 2012, Krones has been offering a trainee programme. This enables career entrants to familiarise themselves with and grow into the sophisticated remit of a project manager in sales within 15 months. The trainees are given spells in all specialised departments with whom they will later be working – both in Neutraubling and at the subsidiaries abroad. Each trainee is supported by a Krones project manager as a mentor.

    Krones accepts responsibility for the health and safety of its staff

    Preserving and fostering the health and safety of all our people is a vital constituent of our defined corporate goals. Our corporate culture is adamant in not permitting the protection of the people who contribute towards our success to be subordinated to business interests.

    In order to avoid workplace accidents and occupational illnesses, we create a safe and health-conducive work environment for all our staff. Krones also prioritise a company medical service of rigorous excellence, so as to preserve the health and wellbeing of all employees.

    Intra-company welfare counselling

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    Krones is a responsible partner, too, when our people are going through less-than-easy phases of their lives. Our company welfare counselling service is there to help them if an employee or his/her family is suffering from an illness that leads to well-nigh insuperable difficulties. With the support of the welfare counselling staff, most employees can be assisted in coping with such crises in their lives. In frank and confidential conversations with the welfare counsellor, direct assistance can be provided in crisis situations, familial problems, addictions or conflicts at the workplace.

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