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In-house Overhaul

The overhaul’s little sister

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You want to save time on an overhaul? Then simply have particular assemblies overhauled directly at Krones’ own plant. Just like an overhaul on site, the service technician uses an internal inspection tool from Krones to first of all determine all worn assemblies. All parts that are suitable for an In-House Overhaul are then taken to Krones, where all the requisite parts and tools for the overhaul are available at all times. For the In-House Overhaul, worn assemblies are then removed, overhauled at Krones’ plant, and then re-installed in your machine. There’s a special form of In-House Overhaul called the replacement programme. Here, the worn assembly is directly replaced by one that’s already been overhauled. No matter which variant you opt for: in the end your existing Krones line will run just as reliably again as a new machine.

Your advantages:

  • Faster completion of the overhaul on the spot
  • Cost savings through more purposeful deployment of the service technicians
  • Minimised risk of unscheduled standstills

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