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Craft Beer

A new beer every week

With what are meanwhile 23 years of brewing experience behind it, Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado, is ranked among the US-American craft beer scene's pioneers.

Not normal

The brewpub and the brewery itself are already sonically suffused with dark heavy-metal music in the morning.

Founders on firm foundations

“Brewed for us”: with this rededication to its own corporate values, Founders Brewing has soared into the Top 20 of the USA’s craft breweries – and (of course) with its beers as well, whose popularity seems boundless. Now, at its facility in the city

A country outing

By building a new brewery on an idyllically rural site just outside Denver, Colorado, Todd Usry has made a dream come true as President of Breckenridge Brewery

The best time for beer

Not from a dish-washer to a millionaire, as in the early days of the land of unlimited opportunities, but from a home-brewing hobbyist to one of the 20 largest craft breweries in the USA – and that within two short decades


In Munich’s Unterschleissheim suburb, two start-up entrepreneurs have proclaimed the craft-brewing republic, in the shape of their CREW Republic company.


They have now successfully completed this upsizing project with a modified CombiCube B brewhouse and a bottling line featuring machines from Kosme and Krones.


25 years ago, the first brew-pubs emerged here, followed by microbreweries in Quebec Province on the east coast.

Faces aplenty, but only one beer

The Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto has adopted a strategy that is highly unusual for a craft brewery – it makes just one single type of beer, and a bottom-fermented pilsner type at that, which the company markets as Canada’s Premium Pilsner.

Beer on wheels

For the time being, three different beers are being brewed (Red Truck Ale, Red Truck Lager, Red Truck India Pale Ale) as well as a succession of speciality beers, like Porter and Belgian Blonde Ale.

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