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That sounds like beer

Usually when you want to describe a brewery, you do this by listing the types of beer it brews, by giving details of its logo or perhaps naming its hometown.

Line relocation

Why buy a new, urgently needed returnable-glass bottling line when in another of the group’s facilities there’s a line that’s not used?

Brewed in the jungle

Right in the heart of Peru’s rain forest, in Pucallpa, the Cervecería San Juan brewery has since 1975 been making its beers for the people living in this huge sparsely populated jungle region.

Brewing in the monastery

“We want to do the right thing” – and this is what the monastic community indeed endeavours to do, not least with the Trappistenbrauerei Koningshoeven affiliated to the abbey.

A new era of beer-brewing

The Paulaner Brauerei has been brewing its world-famous beers at the Nockherberg facility in Munich’s Au district for more than 380 years now.

Shining star

A yellow star on a red background: Estrella Damm is the well-known main brand of the Damm Group, sold primarily along the entire Spanish coast of the Mediterranean.

Canned beer made in Switzerland

In Hochdorf in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, the Ramseier Suisse AG company operates the country’s largest independent brewery.

Mammoth bottle washer

The investment made by Molson Coors Canada in one of the biggest bottle washers ever built by Krones creates a potential for very substantial savings, and will pay off very quickly.

A new dimension

Diageo’s new brewhouse is a record-breaker. Firstly, there’s the sheer size of the vessels, with brews measuring up to 1,000 hectolitres.

Storage tanks (f)lying down

In the course of its history, Augustiner-Bräu has weathered a lot of expansions

Kloud: a third major player

Using top-notch German brewing technology

Doubled dynamics

The Petrópolis Group builds two new breweries in Brazil, with a capacity of twelve million hectolitres

Tyrol’s earliest brewery, latest state of the art

The brewing rights for the Zillertal Bier GmbH company were bestowed back in 1500. Since mid-2013, it has been making its beer in Zell am Ziller, Austria, exclusively in its newly built brewhouse from Steinecker.

Turning off the oil

No more invoices for heating oil.

No compromises

The Schussenrieder Brewery is modernising its brewing facility in the spa of Bad Schussenried step by step.

Franconia frankly beats France

8,000 bottles an hour on a mere 240 square metres.

Drastic makeover

A few years ago, Åbro Bryggeri achieved a stunning turnaround by drastically revamping both its product range and distribution channels, and introducing new forms of packaging. This got the company back on course for becoming a flourishing model brewery.

A pride of lions

Compared to this project, building a new brewery on a greenfield site would appear to be a almost a simple matter. But “The Pride” multi-beverage plant of New Zealand’s Lion food and beverage conglomerate was unlike any other project in many respects.

Brewing for enjoyment

A spectacular location, a great idea, and brilliant beer. Little Creatures, headquartered in Fremantle, has since the turn of the century been driving forward the craft beer movement in Australia.

New returnable-glass line

For many decades now, Nigerian Breweries Plc. (NB) has been the undisputed top dog in Nigeria’s beer market. Founded in the 1940’s as a joint venture involving Heineken, the group is progressing its vigorous expansion.

“Hero” is the new hero

SABMiller is still going strong in Africa. It was in 2008 when the brewing conglomerate gained its first foothold in Nigeria, the continent’s second-biggest beer market.

The taste of the south

Craft beer in cans? Yes, it really does work. Abita Brewery is one of the USA’s first craft breweries to serve the market with this packaging variant, produced on a completely new filling line able to handle both glass bottles and cans.

Beer in Cape Canaveral

Manned spacecraft are no longer launched here. But the demand for craft-brewed beer from the Florida Beer Company is soaring.

Founders’ firm foundations

Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers found that their day jobs left them dissatisfied, so the two home brewers decided to turn their pipe dream of brewing beer for a living into a reality.

A brewer’s dream

A new brewery building like this one hasn’t been seen in Germany for years, if not decades.

Holistically conceived IT solution at Augustiner

The Augustiner Brewery in Munich has joined forces with the Faculty of Food Packaging Technology at TUM and Krones AG, to put in place a responsively customised, full-coverage IT solution.


EquiTherm - More than 20 per cent less primary energy


CombiCube B for breweries with an annual output of up to 150,000 hectolitres – this is the latest innovation developed at Krones’ Steinecker facility, enabling mid-tier breweries to benefit from »Technology made by Steinecker«.

The first brewery to install EVOGUARD valve technology

Since the beginning of 2011, Evoguard has had a reference second to none: the world’s oldest brewery, the renowned Weihenstephan Bavarian State Brewery, ordered the new series of valves as part of its storage capacity expansion and automation project.

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