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Nature in jars

Unremarkable Stans in the midst of the Tyrolean mountains is home to an exquisite line of products: in this 2,000-soul community, the A. Darbo AG company conjures up jams, jellies and other fruity delights.

Turnkey coffee line

At six facilities in Europe and Australia so far, Nestlé has carried out a product relaunch for its Nescafé Gold instant coffee, which under the project name of “Ergos” was given a new shape of jar and sophisticated dress.

Quality and character

Krones has installed an innovative solution for filling and packaging in Poland’s food segment.

Success is sweet

The sugar market is a fiercely contested one. The sugar and ethanol factories of the TTD AG company (Thurn-Taxis Dobrovice) in Czechia have held their own on this market for 180 years now, not least because the firm has invariably reacted flexibly to changes in the retailing sector, by continually upgrading the technologies it is using.

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