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Black, white, silver

The boreholes providing spring water to Harrogate Water Brands are capable of supplying 320 million litres a year.

Volcanic water

The state-owned mineral water producer Jeju on the eponymous island off the Korean coast owns South Korea’s most successful brand of water: Jeju Samdasoo, the market leader almost from the very beginning.

Sparkling dolce vita from Italy

The classic Italian brand of S.Pellegrino epitomises the Italians’ zest for hedonistic optimisation, and like few other waters worldwide is the embodiment of hedonistically sophisticated drinking.

First ErgoBloc L up and running

ErgoBloc L is an ultra-compact wet-end monobloc comprising a blow-moulder, a labeller and a filler, with pre-labelling performed prior to filling.


The Gerolsteiner mineral water bottlers have started operation with one of the world’s most sophisticated bottling lines for returnable glass.

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