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The thousandth mixer

Best-seller status for the Krones Contiflow

One thousand orders: the Contiflow mixer from Krones is an unequivocal success.

A good ten years ago, higher performance requirements from bottlers and canners necessitated a rethink for Krones’ beverage preparation concept. This resulted in the new generation of the Contiflow series of mixers. Krones has now received the thousandth order for one of the Contiflow family: the Contiflow has thus advanced to best-seller status.

The continuously operating Contiflow mixer is a superbly harmonised blending system for the soft-drinks sector. It is used for continuous production of highly disparate beverages. New output ranges, a higher maximum output, stepless output regulation, maintenance-friendlier design thanks to an easy-access pump configuration and rigorous use of flanged connections, a revised deaeration philosophy – these are the key features of the Krones Contiflow mixer.

The Contiflow is available in five different sizes, delivering up to 90 cubic metres per hour. Each Contiflow can be steplessly adjusted from 33 to 100 per cent of rated output, and thus within these limits is matched automatically to the speed of the filler. All Contiflow machines share a clearly structured design. Clients have a choice between three different deaeration processes: 1-stage vacuum deaeration, 2-stage vacuum deaeration, and 2-stage pressure deaeration.

The Contiflow consists of the deaeration, dosing and carbonating modules, thus uniting three processes in a single machine. Thanks to its modularised construction, the product family includes a two-component system, a multi-component system with up to eight dosed-in individual components, a carbonating system as a stand-alone machine directly upstream of the filler, and a dedicated water deaeration system.

Change-over times significantly reduced

Change-over times significantly reduced Thanks to sophisticated interactive communication between the machines involved, Krones has also succeeded in significantly reducing the internal change-over times for the Contiflow, so as to provide the requisite capability for efficient processing of smaller batches. This process technology also makes a crucial contribution towards achieving a change-over time of just ten minutes in the line as a whole. In addition, recuperative heat exchangers cool down the vacuum pump’s sealing water, thus enabling well-nigh loss-free operation and contributing towards Krones AG’s enviro sustainability concept.

Dosing accuracy still unrivalled

Why is the Contiflow so successful? Because every litre of beverage produced with this unit saves the client actual money. With its ingenious control system, for a standard deviation of Sigma equals 1 it achieves maximised dosing accuracies of smaller than/equal to 0.01 degrees Brix during constant production for the syrup, and of smaller than/equal to 0.04 grams per litre for CO2 dosing. Besides the accuracy, however, the crucial factor for the client is the process capability, meaning the repeatability and consistency of the operating parameters. The Contiflow achieves a critical process capability of Cpk greater than/equal to 1.33. This enables it to avoid systematic overdosing of raw materials so as to remain within the limits of the setpoint values, which saves large amounts of money and is an absolutely unique selling point in the sector.

The thousandth Contiflow mixer will go into operation at one of the big internationally operating beverage producers, where it will blend soft drinks in order to ensure dependable, top-quality, affordable beverage preparation.


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