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Krones honours 72 long-serving employees at its facility in Nittenau

A new record: nine employees can look back on four decades with Krones

Krones Executive Board member Thomas Ricker (left in the picture) and Employees’ Council Chairman Thomas Hiltl (2nd from left), plus Plant Manager Johann Dirmeier (right in the picture), thanked the long-serving employees for their decades of loyalty to the company. Kurt Glücklich, Michael Hof, Josef Hummel, Alois Flierl, Ludwig Duscher, Karl-Heinz Höll, Andreas Paulig, plus sowie Josef Piehler und Alban Schwarz, have already spent 40 years with Krones AG.

This event in the run-up to Christmas is an established tradition at Krones: honouring vblong-serving employees. This year, Krones paid tribute to a total of 72 long-serving employees at its plant in Nittenau. Nine of them have stayed faithful to the company for a proud 40 years: Kurt Glücklich, Michael Hof, Josef Hummel, Alois Flierl, Ludwig Duscher, Karl-Heinz Höll, Andreas Paulig, plus Josef Piehler and Alban Schwarz. 49 more Krones employees have been with the firm for 25 years and 14 of them for ten.

It’s almost unheard-of nowadays for people to stay with one and the same firm for decades? For Krones, this is still the case, as the number of long-serving employees goes to show. When you include the long-serving employees qualifying at all of Krones’ facilities in Germany, then the number of staff being honoured by Krones this year totals 681. The solidarity and the pleasant workplace atmosphere are crucial factors behind the staff’s loyalty to the firm. In his speech of appreciation, Executive Board member Thomas Ricker summarised this sentiment as follows: “You have always identified with the company and embraced all its changes and advances. It’s this sense of identification that breathes life into our workplace atmosphere. Each and every one of you provides a behavioural input to ensure this. For your personal contribution towards this excellent workplace atmosphere, and for all your hard work and commitment, I thank you most cordially on behalf of Krones’ entire Executive Board.”

In his speech of thanks, Plant Manager Johann Dirmeier emphasised: “Today we’re paying tribute to what adds up to 1,725 years of specialised knowledge. You’re true Krones people. In line with Krones’ corporate philosophy, you are receptive to change, since after all if you don’t change, you stand still, and get left behind. Krones’ success story shows that we have not stood still. This applies particularly to the plant in Nittenau.” In his laudation, Johann Dirmeier reviewed Krones’ evolution over the last 40 years, and thus also paid due tribute to the long-serving employees’ contribution towards the company’s success. And the last 40 years have indeed been successful, which is something everyone can be proud of: whereas in 1976 the turnover was running at approximately 89 million deutschmarks, (about 45 million euros in present-day currency), by 2015 it had risen to around 3.2 billion euros.

Employees’ Council Chairman Thomas Hiltl echoed the words of thanks expressed by Executive Board member Thomas Ricker and Plant Manager Johann Dirmeier and emphasised that people like working for Krones, as evidenced by the low fluctuation figures in the company, which for years now have been running at less than one per cent.

Krones reciprocates the trust and commitment of its staff in its own way: with attractive staff benefits, individualised promotion and career advancement options, plus a workplace atmosphere in which teamwork and recognition are more than just words.


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