Krones SynCo Container conveyor
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Container conveyor

    Transport system for glass and PET bottles

    Individualised routing with buffering capacity

    Modern high-speed lines for glass or PET containers also require smart system components in their intermediate sections – and the solution comes in the form of the Krones SynCo. This container conveyor distributes, combines and buffers containers using the highest level of technology – and, in doing so, makes an essential contribution to achieving high line efficiency. The knowledge gathered from more than 30 years of experience in container conveying is directly applied to the planning of your system. The result is that you receive an individually tailored conveyor system which requires a minimum of space while providing maximum performance.

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    Your benefits

    Modular design

    The modules can be combined with one another as required thus allowing the system to be perfectly tailored to suit the space available.

    High efficiency

    The intelligent buffer systems ensure high plant efficiency. When changing the type, the line sections can be changed over successively so that the efficiency of the system remains at a high level at all times.

    Long service life

    The sturdy basic construction and a minimum amount of maintenance ensure a long service life and problem-free conveyor operation.

    Smart control engineering

    State-of-the-art sensors monitor all of the conveyor sections and track each filling status. The flexible controller analyses this measured data quickly, thus efficiently controlling the entire production system.

    Quick installation and commissioning

    Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in the factory. This ensures the conveyor is ready for operation within a very short time (“plug and play”).

    High hygiene

    For areas requiring more stringent hygiene, the conveyor is also available in a hygienic design version.

    For areas requiring more stringent

    Only permanent magnet motors are used in SynCo conveyor systems. These high-power drives reach an efficiency of 90 percent and consume considerably less power than asynchronous motors.

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