Krones Lavatec D4/D5

Compact machine for washing bottles

Gives bottles a shining appearance

Less is often more – the new and improved Lavatec series pays heed to this motto more consistently than ever. The Krones bottle washer surprises with its thrifty water and energy budget. And it proves that highest-quality hygiene can be achieved without a chemical cudgel. Lavatec‘s economical treatment of resources is due to its clever construction as a double-end machine with vertical loops and continuous debris removal. This Is explained precisely on the following pages.

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Your benefits

Highest degree of hygiene 

Construction according to the double-end principle and clean design assures maximum hygiene and safety.

Safe operation

Thanks to its improved mechanics and continuous debris removal, Lavatec operates safely and reliably even in 24-hour operation cycles.

Less water and fewer chemical additives 

The continuous debris removal and the multiple-bath design with vertical loops result in enormous savings with respect to the consumption of water and chemicals.

Efficient use of energy 

The heating system supplies the best results in heat transmission and reduces energy costs substantially.

Gentle transport of the bottles

Patented carrier systems guide the bottles gently and safely through the machine. The discharge is effected without containers falling and with little noise. Synchronous drives and chain rollers with plastic bushings guarantee the accurate transport of the bottles.

Relief of the operating staff 

The inside of the machine is easily accessible and can be cleaned in an optimum manner.

Layout configurations

Lavatec D4

Layout configurations

Lavatec D5

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