DecoType: Future labels

Directly printing onto the container is said to be future technology – and that for many reasons.

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Direct print provides more design freedom than conventional labels. Even three-dimensional structures can be provided with a print and flexible adjustment to new shapes and image data is no problem. In addition, the direct printing process is easy on your wallet: Dispensing with labels and adhesive saves costs, so that even the production of small batches is efficient.

Appealing prints

For these reasons, Krones developed the DecoType direct printing system. It easily prints up to 24,000 specially shaped bottles or 15,600 cylindrical containers per hour. The bottles are subjected to a fully automatic pre-treatment before they are converted into a visual work of art by means of a digital printing process applying up to six colours. The ink has especially been developed for this process and is hardened by UV light after the application – thus it is not affected by external influences. In addition, DecoType is easy to handle: From an intuitive workflow and print preparation to an automatic print head cleaning and simple ink refilling process, the complete process is extremely user friendly.

Top grades for design

A further Brownie point of the direct printing system: DecoType allows for design effects which add visual and haptic highlights: Three-dimensional structures such as grooves, embossments or ornaments make the container stand out and attract attention on the shelf. The prizes won up to now by the DecoType are proof of the fact that this process is well received: The innovative DecoType technology has been awarded the Oscar dell` imballagio in 2015, the Krones bicycle bottle has been awarded the A’Design Award 2016 for its extraordinary design.

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