Dynamic fermentation
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Dynamic fermentation

    Development project for reduced fermentation and storage periods

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    Shorter fermentation and storage periods in beer production have two major advantages: The production costs can be reduced while, at the same time, the capacities in the fermenting and storage cellars can be increased. If also the efficiency of heat and cold transfer in the tank can be improved and the product quality can be increased by more constant conditions for fermentation, the process will be really convincing.

    This exactly is the goal of a research and development project at Krones.

    • The goal: Krones wants to develop a dynamic fermentation process.
    • The idea: An equipment and a technology should be provided, which enables more efficient sedimentation and removal of particles during the recirculation process.
    • The implementation: The base of the tank cone is equipped with a displacement element which increases the drain speed. In addition, Krones is developing a pipe-in-pipe system for mixing specific partial sections within the tank.
    • What's special: The mixing system is also suitable for later retrofitting into conventional cylindro-conical tanks as only the existing flange must be replaced. And: It is also well-suited for continuous fermentation processes.

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