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    Steinecker Phoebus membrane filter
    Steinecker Phoebus membrane filter

      Cross-flow filtration newly defined

      Filtration is one of the key processes in brewery operations. In addition to a bright, shiny filtrate with optimum turbidity, technological requirements also include an improvement in the physical stability of the beer. The filtration achieves high microbiological safety for the filled product.

      On top of this, there are also economical requirements: Users want a long filter service life, low operating costs and systems that are easy to operate. These requirements form the basis for Phoebus, the new concept for cross-flow filtration.

      At a glance

      • Controlled transmembrane pressure depending on the position of the module in the filter unit
      • Flow reversal at the membrane modules using a double infeed
      • Targeted backflushing of individual membrane modules during filtration and cleaning
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      The facts at a glance

      The facts at a glance

      The values from the pilot system show that the Steinecker Phoebus membrane filtration system provides a high beer quality and filtration capacity.

      • The pilot test showed consistent beer clarification with a yeast cell amount of 0 in the filtrate, as well as a considerably low iron absorption compared to kieselguhr filtration.
      • The membrane characteristics and filtrate quality were analysed in the test performed by the Technical University of Berlin.

      Benefits to you

      Energy-efficient filtration
      Thanks to the series connection of the membrane modules, the cross-flow process requires less energy compared to parallel connections.

      Controllable filtration modules
      It is possible to individually control the transmembrane pressure for different areas in the filter unit. It is also possible to extend the filtration intervals through targeted backflushing sequences with filtrate.

      Hygienic plant operation
      The ability to provide targeted, intensive flushing during cleaning and to provide 85 °C sanitisation allow a high standard of hygiene to be achieved.

      Specific membrane development
      Our cooperation with a competent and independent partner during membrane development means that the Phoebus can offer optimum filtration results.

      One-stop shop
      With complete process technology from the brewhouse right through to filtration, Krones delivers precise and fitting brewery concepts.

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