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    Steinecker Poseidon
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    Steinecker Poseidon

      Dynamic fermentation

      Fermentation is what counts

      To create high-quality beers, the fermentation process should be steady, fast and reproducible. This ensures that the extract is efficiently degraded, the desirable flavours are created and undesirable substances are reduced within short time.

      Furthermore, gentle yeast cropping and fast cooling are required. Steinecker Poseidon provides the brewer with a compact, retrofittable unit for an efficient and high-grade fermentation process.

      At a glance

      • Retrofittable Poseidon unit for the dynamic and continuous fermentation process
      • Recipe-specific acceleration of the fermentation process by mechanical means to support the convection
      • Improved yeast cropping and particle discharge by means of a displacer
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      The facts at a glance

      The Poseidon opens new possibilities for fermentation processes as this is the first system to allow individual zones in the tank to be systematically mixed or settled. In addition,

      • the extract and diacetyl reduction can be accelerated by up to 20 percent which often corresponds to more than one day saved for fermentation.
      • the cooling rate can nearly be doubled, depending on the system, and thereby faster maturing can be initiated.

      The plant efficiency is thus being significantly increased in individual cases.

      The additional option to combine several units to one cascade provides the benefits of continuous fermentation. This means that

      • there are no change-over times for filling, draining and cleaning, which in turn results in reduced consumptions and load peaks.
      • by increasing the cellar capacity, for instance, seasonal output peaks can be mastered.

      Benefits to you

      Easy retrofitting
      The Poseidon fermentation units can be retrofitted in nearly all cylindro-conical tanks. The hygienic design and omission of moving parts allow for optimum cleaning of the units.

      Faster fermentation
      The dynamic support of convection improve the transfer of heat and matter. Thereby, fermentation processes can be accelerated and controlled more readily.

      More efficient sedimentation
      Even while recirculation is in progress, yeasts and solids are allowed to sediment as the central lance and the top opening enable systematic recirculation in the top tank zone.

      Even separation of particles
      Yeast and particle cropping without channel formation is enabled thanks to the integrated displacer which accelerates cropping and reduces loss of beer.

      High flexibility
      The option to provide a cascade by combining several units enables continuous fermentation, if required, and thereby increasing the system output.

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