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SitePilot Logistics Execution


Intralogistics at Krones

Short paths, flexible response facilities, lean structures: Efficiency is the mother of intralogistics. And this applies not only for the material flow processes, but for the planning, development and implementation of those processes as well. In order to meet the requirements of this efficiency creed, the intralogistics solutions from Krones have been given a separate home of their own: SYSKRON GmbH. This specialist for internal company material flows is responsible for two important tasks within the Krones Group. As a general contractor, it handles the complete intralogistics projects – from warehouse planning at the start to turnkey hand-over at the end. And as a systems company, it develops the high-performance IT solutions for the SitePilot brand.

SitePilot Logistics Execution

For the various tasks involved in material flow, order picking and inventory management, SYSKRON offers the following solutions:

  • WMS: Warehouse Management System
  • WCS: Warehouse Control System
  • MFC: Material Flow Control

Benefits to you

  • Faultless deliveries to customers, on schedule
  • Clear and transparent processes
  • Flexible and at the same time efficient material flows
  • High-performance storage and retrieval strategy
  • Smooth workflows in internal transport

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