Steinecker MicroCube
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Brewing system for small batches

    Steinecker MicroCube

    Brewing system for small batches

    A new brewing culture is blazing a trail through the beer landscape. Craft brewing is mainly marked by a joy in experimentation – the quantity of beer produced is initially of secondary importance. However, regardless of how large or small the output quantity, all brewers still require reliable tools if they are to produce consistently high-quality and economical beer.

    This is why Krones developed the Steinecker MicroCube especially for the craft brewing scene. The brewing system comprises a brewhouse and fermenting cellar, and is ideal for small batches of five or ten hectolitres of cold-wort volume per brew. At this stage, the MicroCube takes the word “crafted”, the motto of craft brewers, literally: For the entire brewing process is manual. Only the mashing, boiling and fermentation processes are supported by software with a recipe control.

    The size of the MicroCube is also ideal for fitting into the conditions available in small breweries: For the entire system takes up less than 90 square metres. Attention was paid to creating a good stowability during the design of the vessels and tanks, the valve and pump module, and the units for media supply. Thanks to this, an investment in a MicroCube will have already paid off at the point of delivery: For, all in all, the entire brewing system can be loaded onto just three to four 40-foot containers.

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    1 Fermenting tanks
    2 Coolant supply
    3 Operator panel
    4 Warm-water storage
    5 Whirlpool kettle
    6 Mash and lauter tun
    7 Two-roller grist mill
    8 High-speed steam generator

    Your benefits

    Everything in one brewing system

    The MicroCube comprises the brewhouse and fermenting cellar, and is suitable for a cold-wort volume of five or ten hectolitres per brew. The water, heat and coolant supply are also included in the concept.

    Manual operating concept

    The MicroCube is a manual system which supports the brewer in a few selected process steps with a recipe control. This combination allows for the highest amount of flexibility with the easiest handling.

    Quick start-up

    The pre-assembled modules can be installed and started up in the shortest amount of time.

    Space-saving arrangement

    The compact design allows the equipment to be arranged in the smallest of spaces.

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