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    Krones Robobox
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    Fully-automatic grouping station

      Grouping station for optimal layer patterns

      Turning and positioning packs for accurate palletising

      Highly precise and nonetheless versatile – Robobox opens completely new possibillities for palletising: it can be adapted in a flash and fully-automatically to extremely different layer arrangements. Its precision gripper turns and distributes all types of nonreturnable packs accurately – without damaging the products in the process. Hence, there are no obstacles to reliable and exact palletising. An additional advantage is the compact modular structure according to the modular component system: thus Robobox requires only little space and simultaneously it is able to adapt to any line output.
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      Your benefits

      Automatic and fast change of layers

      The fully-automatic layer change renders time-consuming fine adjustments and mechanical conversions superfluous. The programs for the layer patterns are installed and tested beforehand. Upgrades for additional layer patterns can be retrofitted subsequently.

      Flexibility and efficiency

      Depending upon the requirements, the packs enter Robobox in one or more lanes. Depending upon layer pattern and pack size, several packs can be positioned simultaneously.

      Exact layer patterns

      The highly precise gripper positions the packs in an absolutely form-fit and accurate manner.


      Robobox can also be used as a sorting and distributing station between several different lines.

      Gentle conveyance

      Flush grid belts convey all the packs to their destinations, both safely and smoothly. They also provide secure positioning for PET bottles with petaloid bases.

      More space

      Thanks to its compact design, Robobox requires only very little space. Therefore, several modules can be employed in an extremely space-saving manner.


      Robobox is optimally accessible because the operator side and the service side are distinctly separated from one another. Moreover, a touch-screen enables comfortable control of the grouping station.

      Savings potential

      Robobox does not require any specific components for the palletising layouts, e. g. spacing devices. External rotating and distributing systems are also unnecessary.

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