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Labelling with stretch sleeve foil

    Can do it all: stretching, shrinking and TripleS

    The label to flatter your figure

    Whether through shrinking, stretching or with TripleS – with sleeves, your containers are dressed perfectly to suit every occasion. For the flexible plastic films fit perfectly around every bottle shape. They offer a great deal of space for designs or advertising messages, as well as stabilising the containers. And in everyday life, they prove themselves to be extremely tough. For your products, this means: From production through to sales and consumption, they cut a fine figure in all situations. It is basically a shame that there is no such thing as beverage paparazzi.
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    With stretch sleeves, you save ...

    Material costs:

    Due to their high elasticity, stretch sleeves consume much less material than comparable shrink sleeves.

    Energy costs:

    You do not require a shrinking tunnel, nor a container dryer to process the sleeves.

    Processing and operating materials:

    The sleeves are held in place without glue.

    … and win:

    Perfect haptics:

    The sleeves sit tightly against the container wall, the containers lie perfectly in your hand.

    Consistent product quality:

    The sleeves stabilise the containers by compensating for subsequent material expansions.

    An improved CO2 balance:

    The film material has excellent recycling characteristics.

    With shrink sleeves, you save ...

    Processing and operating materials:

    The sleeves are held in place without glue.

    … and win:

    Design freedom:

    The film is suitable for flexo, offset and gravure printing procedures.

    High-quality product design:

    Shrink sleeves adapt easily to even strong container contours and give your product a perfect appearance.


    Krones Sleevematic ES

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