Steinecker Pegasus C

Intelligent Lautering Technology

Lautering process for complete extract preparation

The requirements in the lautering process have been clear from the very beginning: For the brewing process, high-quality worts with a low solids content and a low share of tannins are required. For the economic success of the brewery, fast brewing sequence and the most complete extraction possible have to be realised.
The central task in lautering is the efficient washout of the spent grains by means of the second worts. In order to achieve this, the construction of the lauter tun and the raking device must realise even wort concentration and fast take-off of the second worts over the entire area of the lauter tun.

The Steinecker Pegasus C approaches the topic of optimised washout of the spent grains in the second worts in a targeted manner. So the advanced lauter tun with the improved raking device achieves even loosening of the spent grains. Apart from that, the new arrangement of the source areas allows for fast and even recovery of the second worts both inside and outside the lauter tun.

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The values of the wash-out extract from an average sample of the spent grains show that with crosslifter, more even and lower extract contents can be achieved than with the classical raking device.

Your benefits

Maximum extract yield

The best washout possible of the spent grains in the second worts over the entire area of the lauter tun is the basis for the almost complete recovery of the dissolved extract. It is clear that this is also connected to low last wort concentrations.

High wort quality

Clear and bare worts with a low solids content and a low share of tannins are an indication of the high efficiency of the Pegasus C. The newly designed raking knives and the newly arranged source areas support the fast washout of the spent grains also in the second worts.

Fast brewing sequences

With its high specific lautering performance over the entire lauter area, Pegasus C allows for fast extract reduction and thus contributes to high production output in the brewhouse.

High false bottom load

The even treatment of the spent grains and the new arrangement of the source areas both inside and outside allow for high false bottom load – perfect for the production of high-gravity brews.

Low operating costs

With the highly effective washout of the spent grains, the amount of sparge water is clearly reduced – a clear advantage with regard to the operating costs. The kettle-full amount reduced in this way allows for energy-saving wort boiling systems.
High efficiency also becomes possible regarding the cleaning – the Pegasus C can be operated with only one CIP cleaning per week.


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