Krones Contiflow

Flexible production of soft drinks

Blending and carbonating with maximised accuracy

Non-alcoholic refreshment drinks are the hit. New blended flavours are breathing new life into the market and arousing the consumer‘s interest and thirst. Scope for the production and mixing of these new products needs flexible plant technology. With their performance and precision, Krones mixing and carbonating systems offer you ideal starting conditions for the production of all types of drinks.

The Contiflow mixer, the Carboflow carbonator and the SyPro B automatic mixing station (syrup mixer) form the basis for precisely mixed and economically produced refreshment drinks. Enhanced automation, integrated recipe management and optional connection to a higher-level process control system guarantee reliable production workflows. A compact design featuring modules built with hygiene in mind makes life easier for operators as well as maintenance personnel.

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Contiflow - Your benefits

  • Prevention of syrup losses during start-up and shut-down and during a change of product where sugary syrup versions are involved
  • Minimised syrup consumption through production at the lower limit of the brix range
  • Dosing of sugar-free components using high-precision register control
  • Adjustment of the mixer production speed to the filler loading capacity between 33 to 100 % of the nominal capacity with maximum CO2 dosing accuracy
  • Reduced gas consumption through capacity control (33 to 100 %) in accordance with the level in the carbonation tank
  • Less stress on the operator thanks to signal exchange between the mixer, filler and syrup station which enables automatic sequences for starting and ending the production and for CIP workflows
  • Minimum buffer water consumption by the vacuum pump due to temperature-dependent refeeding of the buffer water
  • Easily accessible pump with quickchange device for the mechanical seal
  • Rinsing function started via the water or syrup feed during production mode in some modules
  • Large volume for atomising the water through the horizontal degassing tank
  • Use of the single-stage or twostage pressure or vacuum degassing method
  • Control of the degassing quantity at 1/3, 2/3 or 3/3 of the total volume using two separately switchable nozzle devices of different size
  • High quality of products with fluctuating alcohol content (e.g. cider) through use of an optional alcohol meter in the dosing line
  • All product-dependent parameters can be set on the touch-screen and be saved in the integrated program for type management
  • Type parameters can be saved on a USB stick for use in verification and documentation workflows

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