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Recycling thermal energy during the brewing process

    Recycling thermal energy during the brewing process

    The key to energy-efficient brewing

    Achieving sustainability in the brewing process is a huge task. We all wish to treat the available resources as sensibly as possible while aiming to brew high-quality beers. So just how can we create the conditions needed in the brewhouse to meet both requirements?

    With energy costs rising, each process stage must be examined closely to discover ways of improving its energy efficiency and thus guarantee that the brewery is operated efficiently. The thermal energy reserves provided by the hot wort in particular offer a huge potential for improving the brewhouse’s energy efficency. The solution is clear: why not use the heat reserves offered by the hot wort for other processes in the brewhouse?

    Krones decided to do precisely this and, with the EquiTherm, developed the key to a trend-setting brewing process. EquiTherm combines the heat requirement during mashing with the excess heat recovered during wort cooling, thus ensuring an efficient use of energy in the brewhouse and a considerably lower primary energy requirement.

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    Method of operation

    Method of operation
    The EquiTherm is made up of three blocks: the wort cooler, energy storage tank with stratified charging pipe and the ShakesBeer EcoPlus mash tun.

    The balance of energy

    The balance of energy
    Basis: brewhouse, infusion, 10 brews per day, 100 hl hot finished wort per brew * Calculated

    Your benefits

    Beer brewing which is gentle on resources

    The reduced need for primary energy, reduced water consumption and the reduction in the excess warm water allow for considerable savings in the use of resources.

    Highest mash quality

    The low heating medium temperature of 96°C ensures that the mash is subjected to just a low thermal strain and is gentle on the enzymes during the heating process.

    Fouling is prevented

    Low heating medium temperatures and turbulent heat removal form the basis for ensuring that heating surface fouling is a thing of the past.

    Cost savings when making new or replacement investments

    The use of warm water when cooling the wort to pitch temperature and the reduced peak load means that smaller water boilers and cooling systems can be used.

    Suitable for retrofitting

    When reinvesting in the mash tun area, the EquiTherm system is an ideal option for combining modern mashing technology with energy savings.

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