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Membrane technology and media filtration

Reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration and media filtration

Water of the highest quality is the basis for the production of many beverages and foodstuffs. Water is not only a constituent part of the product but it is also usually required in the production processes. And only the intended purpose determines all the measures surrounding the treatment of the available water.
The wise and economical use of this valuable raw material is becoming ever more important as well. Naturally economic aspects also play an essential role in all your strategies concerning the use of water in the production of your product.

Krones, with its Hydronomic water treatment systems, offers an extensive programme for the purposeful treatment of your untreated water. For us, purposeful means that the individual untreated water quality in each separate case forms the basis for the configuration of the system. Due to the highest quality standard in the production of the water treatment modules you receive durable and long-lasting technology which guarantees efficient and reliable operation.

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Solutions for water treatment

Hydronomic MF (Filtration)

Media filtration with different types of filter aids for the filtration or adsorption of e.g. dirt, flavours, odours, iron, manganese, fluoride, uranium, organics, chlorine, arsenic, etc.

Hydronomic UF (Ultra Filtration)

Membrane technology in the form of ultrafiltration and microfiltration with hollow fibre filtration in IN/OUT operation.

Hydronomic RO (Reverse Osmosis)

Membrane technology in the form of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration for desalination with tangential inflow onto a wound membrane module.

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Krones Hydronomic MF - Your Benefits

High hygienic standard

The filtration system is executed completely in special steel so that sanitisation with hotwater or steam is possible.

Greatest filtration capacity

Due to the advantageous selection and co-ordination of the filter aids to each individual application the greatest possible quality of the filtrate is achieved. In particular, the combination of mateials of differing degrees of hardness and softness produces optimum filtration results.

Gentle treatment of resources and filtration media

Optimum filtration media which are coordinated with one another lengthen the filtration cycles and thereby minimise back-flushing frequency. This saves on waste water and lengthens the life cycles of most filtration media.

Flexible system configuration

The Hydronomic MF system is always open for further expansions in the production area: the long-lasting special steel construction enables the simple connection of additional tanks.

System Hydronomic UF - Your Benefits

Large filtration surface

Ultrafiltration with hollow fibres provides a large surface area for the filtration process with only slight pressure which brings with it reduced energy consumption.

Interruption-free operation – even during rinsing

Due to the separate switching of the filter units, the filter modules can be rinsed with ultrafiltrate. This is supplied directly without intermediate storage from the filter modules which are in continual operation.

Safe cleaning

The IN/OUT concept offers optimum conditions for the effective and safe cleaning of the hollow fibre membranes.

Cleaning with filtered media

During the CIP process, i.e. the cleaning with chemicals, the chemicals are dosed before the ultrafiltration into the untreated water and thus they are also ultrafiltered before their usage.

Top-quality system conception

The ultrafiltration system is executed in long-lasting special steel components and is thus a powerful element in your process sequences.

Hygienic back-flushing process

Due to the bypass structure of the filtration elements the back-flushing process can be carried out by ultrafiltrate without the use of a backflushing pump and a storage tank. If desired the system can be designed with hot-water sanitising which permits safe operation as well as sanitising without the use of chemicals in case of possible microbial contamination.

System Hydronomic RO - Your Benefits

Efficient structure of the individual banks

In case of a change in the conductivity in the permeate, you can also test the individual reverse osmosis elements inline and check for malfunctions. Spirally wound elements which are faulty can then be exchanged selectively and economically.

Flexible with respect to the untreated water quality

Variants in untreated water qualitycan be compensated for with a defined permeate/untreated water rate by means of altered pump capacity.

Rinsing steps as required

With the aid of a trending programme with the parameters pressure, membrane surface area and untreated water temperature, rinsing is only effected when the defined limit values are reached.

Step-by-step CIP sequences

During the CIP process, the CIP tank can be filled with permeate. In this manner the chemicals can be rinsed out of the reverse osmosis modules connected bankby-bank. The individual banks of the system are thus cleaned one after the other, that is, individually.

Rinsing with permeate

To prevent scaling and biofouling, the reverse osmosis system is rinsed with permeate before a longer standstill until the conductivity values in the concentrate and in the permeate are aligned to one another.

Modular, long-lasting structure

Due specifically to the modular design of the system and the high manufacturing quality, long service life of the system is achieved. Moreover, the design with its high total membrane surface also results in slight load and high service life for the individual membrane elements.

Economic in the use of energy

The regulation of the permeate capacity according to the admission pressure and temperature of the untreated water is responsible for low energy consumption.

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