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PDF Download, 1,04 MB 1,04 MB Steinecker One2Brew Turnkey brewery in modular design

Brewery off the shelf

One, two, brew – your new brewery is installed in a trice. Maybe it takes a little longer. But: Eleven months from kick-off to the first brew looks like a new record. One2Brew – the Krones brewery off the shelf makes the impossible possible.

One2Brew is a turnkey brewery for capacities of 300,000 hectolitres beer for sale per year. The process areas of the brewery are subdivided in functional units. They are supplied in a pre-assembled condition and are completed to a plant according to the plug-and-play principle. The user-friendly and intelligent automated systems result from several decades of successful product development at Krones. The used innovative and efficient technologies guarantee the highest product quality at lowest consumption of energy and media. Many years of experience and expertise in the field of turnkey projects make Krones the perfect partner for implementing your turnkey brewery.

One2Brew pays off: The low energy and media consumption during operation as well as the low staff requirement save costs. In addition, the compact footprint minimises the size of the site required.

The kicker is: The plug-and-play principle and the units designed to suit container dimensions enable simple relocation of the complete system. The complete brewery can easily be dismantled, shipped, and re-assembled at a new location.
One2Brew – the mobile brewery solution off the shelf.

All in oneOpenClose

One2Brew is an overall concept which allows you to immediately start brewing. The brewery comprises all plants and utilities required for beer production.

The brewery is designed for an annual production of 300,000 hectolitres beer. The selected plant configuration enables all common brewing processes, including malt and raw grain processing. Bottom-fermented and top-fermented yeast strains can be propagated in the yeast cellar. The fermenting and storage cellar comprises 16 fermenting and storage tanks for eight brews each. If the full capacity is utilised, the scheduled fermentation period amounts to seven days for bottom-fermented yeast strains and to three days for top-fermented yeast strains. The storage period amounts to six or five days respectively. The filter and bright beer cellar is designed for multi-type production.


Annual production 300,000 hl
Types Malt and raw grain
Original extract 14,5 °P
Density of the final product 11,3 °P
Total evaporation  4%
Volume of the hot wort  100 hl
Brews per day  10




Yeast cellar


Fermentation and storage cellar

Filter cellar

It takes just a few mouse clicks to turn an idea into a recipe. A comprehensive control concept makes sure that the complete brewing process is easily set and monitored. It goes without saying that all required utilities are integrated in the concept.



Water treatment 35m³/h 
Hot water supply 750 kW
Cooling system 1,000 kW
Refrigerant Ammonia
Coolant Glycol
Power supply 1,250 kVA


From zero to 300,000 within eleven months onlyOpenClose

One2Brew will especially impress you by its extremely short project duration. While the project duration for conventional breweries amounts to 18 months, One2Brew is ready for application within 11 months. The off-the-shelf principle allows this fast implementation: Thanks to standardised plants and components, a uniform layout and the modular design of functional units, time-consuming and cost-intensive factors such as engineering, manufacture and installation can be reduced to a minimum.

The fast project implementation of the turnkey brewery opens the gates to the brewing world especially for new target groups. Whether career changers who want to break into the beer market, or large breweries who want to gain ground in new markets – One2Brew allows a fast brewing start. The new brewery concept is an attractive investment in state-of-the-art technology and is also available for leasing.


*One2Brew process steps saving time (as compared to a standard project plan)

Easy on your budget and kind to the environmentOpenClose


Krones stands for innovative, high-performance machines and components which go easy on resources. A sustainable brewing process is an essential pre-requisite for all our product developments. This is proven by numerous certificates, such as:

  • International FoodTec Award 2015 for the low-temperature brewery concept
  • Best Practice Awards 2013 and 2014 for the EquiTherm energy recovery system
  • Bavarian Energy Award 2012 for the EquiTherm energy recovery system
  • Bavarian National Award for the Pegasus lauter tun

These highly awarded machines and concepts are also included in One2Brew.



Smart conceptOpenClose

One2Brew saves time and money, especially due to the intelligent preliminary work for assembly: The brewery modules are produced to suit container dimensions. These pre-assembled modules can easily be connected to each other on site using flanges. Some utilities and facilities, such as laboratory, workshop or office are supplied as container unit.

Sophisticated brewery layout: To reduce the distances between the process areas to a minimum, the layout is adjusted to the production flow. The compact arrangement provides short product paths and, at the same time, minimizes the space requirement. To prevent jams in the brewery surroundings, the loading areas for suppliers and collectors are arranged to enable optimum operation without mutual obstruction.

Facilities, such as laboratory, workshops or office are supplied as complete container unit.

Anything else?OpenClose

KRONES will gladly submit an individual offer for the filling and packaging areas.

Container type and size and its decoration and packaging can be selected to suit your special requirements. This also applies to material flow technology which will be planned depending on the selected container and packaging.


Your benefitsOpenClose

  • Turnkey brewery
    There are only eleven months between project start and the first brew. The system allows you access to new business areas and lucrative markets within short time.
  • Small space requirement
    One2Brew comprises all components required for the brewing process in a perfectly matched way. The compact arrangement provides short product paths and at the same time minimizes the space requirement in the brewery.
  • Efficient operation
    Sustainable brewing processes with minimized energy and media consumption go easy on the environment and on your budget.
  • Ease of operation
    A consistent control concept that extends from malt delivery to the filled bottle facilitates handling.
  • Mobile brewery solution
    Stay independent with One2Brew. The plug-and-play principle enables simple relocation of the systems and buildings. The complete brewery can easily be dismantled, shipped, and re-assembled at a new location.



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Steinecker One2Brew

Brewery off the shelf

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