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    MBL doubles filling capacities
    MBL doubles filling capacities

      The beer brand bears the country’s name: Myanmar. It is the quintessential brand of the people. And Myanmar Brewery Ltd., MBL for short, is delighted by its success.

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      The foundation stone for this had already been laid 20 years ago: in 1997, the brewery was opened. At that time, MBL’s equipment included a brewhouse from Steinecker, a combined line for glass containers (rated at 9,000 bottles an hour) and cans (20,000 cans an hour) from Krones, plus a shared pasteuriser.    Between 1997 and 2013, during the EU’s trade embargo, the brewery installed a second pasteuriser, so that the glass bottling line and the canning line could be operated in parallel.

      Since the opening of Myanmar in 2013, MBL has admittedly lost some market share, but has massively increased its output by volume. At the same time, consumers’ habits have undergone a radical change, something that has directly affected the container mix – and renders foresightful planning well-nigh impossible.

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      “The line’s felicitous layout is crucial for ensuring a smoothly running process but also for staff’s safety and the high quality of our products,” all parties concur: (from left) Atsunori Kushiyama (Technological Manager), Saw J Mya Nyo Lay (Production Manager), Aung Aung (Technical Director) and Ryosuke Katayama (Project Manager).

      “It makes all the difference”

      Fortunately, MBL had already ordered a new canning line from Krones back in 2015, which went into operation in early 2016. In the same year, the brewery also placed an order with Krones for a 36,000-bph returnable-glass line, which was started up in mid-2017 and has since then been running in four shifts round the clock. In both cases, the period between order placement and commissioning was extremely short, enabling MBL to stay flexible.

      The canning operation is utilising the latest technology, runs at high speed, and uses lubricants and adhesives from KIC Krones. For Aung Aung, the Technical Director at MBL, the differences from how things used to be are quite clear: “It’s fully automated, and the speed is three times as high. What’s more, we no longer have so many standstills – and this with a reduced number of operators. It’s true that care and maintenance of the ultra-modern machinery still constitute quite a challenge for us, but the people from Krones provide good support and assistance, as they’ve always done in the past.”

      “We have to keep on expanding”

      And what’s in store next for Myanmar’s biggest brewery? Aung Aung’s answer is unequivocal: “We have to keep on expanding, because the market is growing and growing, while also changing at the same time. In this context, however, we’re checking very carefully what has to be done. Things remain exciting on Myanmar’s beer market, which is a long way away yet from being mature.” There is one decision, however, that MBL has already taken: in mid-2017, the company placed an order with Krones for another canning line.

      Myanmar’s fastest canning line

      The fastest canning line currently up and running in Myanmar has been dimensioned for an hourly output of 60,000 cans. It has been generously accommodated in a newly built hall and consists of:

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      2012 saw the unveiling of the two brands Andaman Gold and Andaman Gold Special for the low-price segment.

      Selected machines and solutions