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    Lifecycle Service
    Partner for Performance
    Partner for Performance

      Profitable Performance

      Norbert Hampl, Head of Sales LCS
      “Staying on course for success with a can-do partner”

      The result is your paramount priority, since you’re responsible for your company’s success? So you naturally place a lot of confidence in your business associates. Krones willingly accepts this responsibility, and shows you how your company can produce and operate even more profitably. You benefit here from our long years of experience in the food and beverage industries. So we know precisely how you can translate investments into lucrative results. With Krones, you have a can-do partner at your side, and are optimally equipped to meet and master the challenges of the future.

      This implies for you:

      • Investment security
      • Profitability
      • Growth
      • Productivity
      • Commercial success

      Tailor-made Performance

      Rong Yan, Sales LCS China
      “Krones LCS solutions, customised to perfection”

      In your daily work, you always stay on top of things, and leave nothing to chance? Then you need a partner whom you can trust implicitly. Even after you’ve bought your kit, Krones provides fast and dependable support for your needs: irrespective of whether this involves a single spare part or service agreements for an entire line. Thanks to our worldwide Centers and subsidiaries, your contact person at Krones is always there whenever you need him. So you get an immediate answer to your questions, support is close at hand, and the organisational outlay is minimised. With Krones, you save valuable time and real money – while entirely avoiding any additional outlay or stress.

      This implies for you:

      • One single contact partner
      • Everything single-sourced
      • Planning security
      • Flexibility
      • Partnership

      Efficient performance

      Siphiwe Mthembu, Business Development Manager Krones South Africa
      “Staff and lines that set new records”

      You’re an all-rounder, since you make sure that everything in your company goes according to plan, and the key statistics are in the green as well? Krones creates the foundations that enable you to get maximised results from your production operation. We supply innovative machine technology, get your lines running at full throttle, and make sure that all your staff are properly trained. Our support team assists you round the clock and guarantees rapid-response assistance whenever you need it. With Krones, you lay the foundations for an efficient production operation – so you no longer need have any worries at all in regard to line availability.

      This implies for you:

      • Maximised line efficiency
      • Transparent KPIs
      • Maximised productive times
      • Motivated staff
      • Fit-for-purpose technology

      Cost-saving performance

      Mark Heath, Head of Sales Krones UK
      “Saving on operating costs without compromising on flexibility”

      You’re interested in figures, weigh up costs and benefits, and are always on the lookout for hidden potential savings? Krones shows you how you can get the best out of your line. We look behind the scenes at your machines, your lines or your spare parts stock, and ascertain precisely how your total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced. But our experienced Krones instructors also train your staff, familiarising them with the latest state of the art, and thus increasing their awareness of what’s required for cost-efficient production. This means you can ensure foresightful planning for your company, while keeping your finances firmly under control.

      This implies for you:

      • Cost leadership
      • Cost-transparency
      • Total-cost monitoring
      • Cost-efficiency
      • Qualified staff

      Secure performance

      Marion Müller, LCS EU Projects
      “No-worries production and facing the future with confidence”

      You want to make sure that you can trust a can-do partner to assist you in each and every situation? Krones gives you this reassuring certainty. Our subsidiaries all over the world are there to help you round the clock, supporting you with their professional expertise and knowledgeable service capabilities. To make sure you can always rely on our staff’s competence, all our service technicians around the globe undergo a standardised training programme. But thanks to Krones you don’t have to worry about your line, either. Our warehouses all over the world guarantee fast delivery capabilities and dependable availability of OEM spares in the familiar Krones quality. In order to avoid unscheduled downtimes right from the start, Krones regularly checks your lines and your stocks. Service support that pays off: because we have your back, and will always make sure that your production keeps running smoothly.

      This implies for you:

      • Assured delivery capabilities
      • Minimised risk
      • Availability
      • Reliability
      • Dependable production

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