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The Krones sustainability programme enviro: top technology for ecologically efficient production

Achieving more with less: The demand for an ecologically efficient production in the industrial goods business has been there for quite a while now, for a good reason: On the one hand, the legislative organs as well as the consumers are focussing more and more on means of production that preserve resources. On the other hand, they bring about advantages also to the operating companies - if they do not affect performance or profitability, of course.

Therefore, the cumulative innovation power of Krones design and development unfolds in the enviro machines. Only in this way can we meet the standards that we have set for ourselves: equipping the beverage and food industry with trendsetting technology that allows for a production that is performant and, at the same time, gentle on resources.

In order to assure you that we are actually meeting these demands, we have placed enviro on the test stand and had it certified by an independent expert, the TÜV SÜD. The result: Krones machines that don the enviro seal meet at least the EME standard and thus fulfil all requirements for economic as well as energy and media-efficient production.

Fact check: the way to ecological efficiency

How does an enviro machine come into being? Quite simply: It is the tangible result of Krones' sweeping sustainability strategy. Because a management system approved by TÜV SÜD ensures that enviro targets are firmly anchored in the product development process at Krones. So the Krones product design is oriented towards sustainability right from the start. Eventually, the ecological efficiency of the developed products is assessed wth a special enviro test procedure. This test procedure has also been certified by TÜV SÜD. It examines the machine concept with regard to

  • More efficient and eco-friendly alternatives
  • Efficiency of the used components
  • Minimisation of losses
  • Optimal configuration
  • Adjustment of the energy and medium consumption to the various operating conditions
  • Possible re-use of heat and media
  • Recirculation and recycling
  • Reduction of resources
  • Environmentally safe resources
  • Leakage detection approaches
  • Hygienic Design

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enviro products

Krones Contiform 3 Pro

Krones Contiform 3 Pro

New design – increased performance

Water treatment

Krones Hydronomic

Membrane technology and media filtration

Sugar dissolver

Krones SyPro S

Staying flexible in the syrup room

Compact filter system

Steinecker CombiCube F

Modularised filtration system for the brewing process

Product deaeration

Krones VarioSpin

Product deaeration system

Compact brewhouse

Steinecker CombiCube B

The compact brewhouse

Wet-section block

Krones ErgoBloc L

Stretch blow moulding, labelling, filling and capping in a monobloc

Filling PET bottles with sensitive products in an aseptic process chain

Krones Contiform AseptBloc

A sterile chain: From the preform to the finished product

Container dryer

Krones Linadry

Dry bottles for perfect labelling

Krones Viscofill

Krones Viscofill

The piston-type filler for food products with exacting demands

Detection of foreign particles in bottles

Krones Linatronic 774-FBI

Detection of foreign particles in bottles


Krones LinaFlex

Dependable and economical pasteurisation

Fully-automatic grouping station

Krones Robobox

Grouping station for optimal layer patterns

High-Performance Palletiser for Non-Returnable Packs

Modulpal Pro 1AD

High-Performance Palletiser for Non-Returnable Packs

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