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    Steinecker Brew Center
    The in-house pilot brewery
    Steinecker Brew Center

      Greatest flexibility when brewing

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      Beer recipes are becoming increasingly more complex, individual and unusual. Yet even the most minor change to the ingredients must be well considered and thoroughly tested. And it is precisely for this reason that Krones now has an in-house pilot brewery: the Steinecker Brew Center provides both breweries all over the world and Krones itself with the opportunity to perform trials together and to test new technologies.

      At a glance:

      The most modern pilot brewery in the world with a diverse range of available services:

      • Joint recipe and process development
      • Field tests and feasibility studies
      • Plant optimisations
      • Customer training courses and training for internal and external employees
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      The three pillars of the Steinecker Brew Center

      • Customer and market

        Customer and market

        Customer and market-oriented, joint recipe and process development

      • Research and development

        Research and development

        Field tests, feasibility studies, plant optimisations, global science collaboration

      • Teaching and academia

        Teaching and academia

        Customer training courses, training for internal and external employees, publications

      Digitalisation in the Steinecker Brew Center

      Networking the entire production

      • Industrial wireless LAN in all areas and complete networking with Botec F1
      • Picture and language recognition for safe and user-friendly operation of the system by tablet computer
      • Production optimisation through the automatic evaluation of production and laboratory data (via LIMS, Botec and ReadyKit)

      Information in real time

      • Plant monitoring using image and sound processing (for example, motor noise or steam formation)
      • QR codes on all systems and components
      • Obtainment of information, as well as the ability to order spare parts directly online using a smartphone or tablet computer

      Easiest operation via apps

      • Tasting app allowing the consumer to rate the beers
      • Cloud-based data storage with Share2Act
      • Automatic data analysis with teachable software

      Digital research and test system

      • The most modern cameras, monitors and microphones for live conferences during tests
      • Continuous data acquisition and analysis
      • Complete transparency with the highest data security

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