The eProcurement portal reduces delivery times

The most important targets of automated procurement are process acceleration, reduced delivery times and higher quality. The Krones eProcurement platform is used to process orders and deliveries online – providing you with additional flexibility and efficiency, even outside office hours.
Today, more than 400 suppliers with more than 250,000 order items are using the Krones AG procurement system. About 80 % of the entire purchase volume is processed on the platform. The quantity of the related documents (orders, drawings, parts lists) exceeded one million in 2005. The essential objective of shortening external procurement times by reducing manual tasks and simultaneously increasing process reliability and improving the quality of information is a clear argument in favour of eProcurement. It also integrates the – otherwise time-consuming – processing of customer data in the customer portal.

The eProcurement, which today is restricted to provision of data, will in the future be able to directly exchange electronic data between Krones´ and the supplier´s ERP systems. The supplier will receive an order with all relevant information and documents, such as orders, drawings, parts lists, etc. with CAD data which then can immediately be fed into the supplier´s ERP system for further processing. Without manual intervention. There is no faster way.

If you wish to participate in the eProcurement system, we will be glad to provide you individual access.

Vendor’s declaration

Vendor’s declarations are no longer issued through .«customs data acquisition»
You will receive a separate email from us with a PDF file and instructions on how to create a vendor’s declaration.

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