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Krones Inc.

Headquarters for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean

Krones Inc. is the United States subsidiary of Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany, a world leader in the manufacture of fully integrated packaging and bottling line systems as well as integrated brew house and processing systems, IT solutions and warehouse logistics systems.

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Careers at Krones Inc.

What do you value in an employer – the strength of an international company? The down-to-earth mentality of a mid-tier company? Working with cutting-edge product technology? If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then Krones Inc. could be just the company for you.

At Krones Inc. you will find:

  • Positive, supportive culture
  • Technological innovation
  • Training and continuous education opportunities
  • Potential to travel nationally and internationally
  • Low employee turnover and above average employment tenure

Contact: Service

24-Hour Technical Support

24-Hour Technical Support
T: 414-409-4440


Kent Knudsen
Head of LCS Sales und Field Service
T: 414-409-4407

Kirk Justus
Head of Service Project Management Field Service
T: 414-409-4621

Michael Ruhland
Head of Service Technical Management Field Service
T: 414-409-4545

Regional Service Managers

Diego Bellini
Regional Service Manager USA Northeast
T: 414-469-9703

Bill Weyer
Regional Service Manager USA Southeast
M: 803-360-0545

Gary Maier
Regional Service Manager USA Central
T: 414-207-1562

Kevin Poje
Regional Service Manager USA West
T: 414-526-7158

Steve Croke
Regional Service Manager Canada
T: 905-874-6386

Sergio Larrainza
Regional Sales Manager Central America and Caribbean
T: 414-409-4820

Michael Luedke
Regional Sales Manager Mexico
T: +521-551-878-6406

Spare Parts Solutions

Customer Service
T: 800-752-3787

Stephan Friedenberger
Head of Spare Parts Solutions and Supply Chain Management
T: 414-409-4055

Glen Kazmierski
Head of Spare Parts Solutions
T: 414-409-4604

Deborah Zerzanek
Head of LCS Project Managment-Overhauls
T: 414-409-4607

Mike Collins
KIC Products: Adhesives, Lubricants and Cleaners
T: 414-409-4652


Robert Wittnebel
Head of LCS Retrofits and Engineering
T: 414-409-4214

Aron Miller
Head of Project Management-Retrofits
T: 414-409-4172

James Howard
Head of Product Management and Plastics
T: 414-409-4012

Contact: Sales

USA East

Jerl Jenkins
Head of Sales - Eastern Division
T: 414-409-4000
M: 214-949-0366

Dale Brevard
Regional Sales Manager
T: 414-409-4147
M: 414-426-7710

Gary Burnside
Regional Sales Manager
T: 616-249-7239
M: 616-560-6180

Hector Takahashi
Regional Sales Manager – Eastern Division
T: 414-409-4000
M: 414-614-2447
F: 414-409-4100

Tim West
Regional Sales Manager – Eastern Division
T: 414-409-4157
M: 414-418-8775

Maggie Lapajenko
Regional Sales Assistant
T: 414-409-4238

USA West

B.J. Anderson
Head of Sales - Western Division
T: 951-693-1270
M: 760-408-2484

Matt Johnson
Regional Sales Manager
T: 414-409-4792
M: 414-551-0311

Björn Wissling
Regional Sales Manager
T: 425-821-9726
M: 206-499-4809

Kathrina Walker
Regional Sales Assistant - CA office Manager
T: 909-466-1900
M: 414-412-8663


Tino Knoll
Head of Sales - Canada
M: 416-627-3595

Wayne Confiant
Regional Sales Manager
T: 905-364-4906
M: 416-399-1092

Maria Chen
Regional Sales Assistant
T: 414-409-4905

Jeffrey Hurkett
Regional Sales Manager
T: 905-364-4914
M: 604-366-7154

Central America and Caribbean

Walid Eid
Head of Sales - Central America and Caribbean Division
T: 561-210-7715
M: 305-775-3610

Mathew Schnetzer
Regional Sales Manager
T: 414-409-4126
M: 414-426-9536

Jose Rojas
Regional Sales Manager
T: 561-826-1866
M: 954-415-2148

Maggie Lapajenko
Regional Sales Assistant
T: 414-409-4238

Allan Dubón
Regional Sales Manager
M: 504-9974-5834

Our products
Components, lines and plants for beverages and liquid foods

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